GSA SER disappears from the system tray

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Hello guys.

My GSA SER has been running smoothly since i purchased it.    I just run it from my office computer ('coz we got faster fiber internet here).  I always minimize it to the system tray and just check it once in a while. 

However, since update v9.13 came, i cannot do the same thing again.  I always disappears from the system tray when i have it minimized !  Note that i already set the icon notification to "Show Icon and Notifications" as i did the same with me CB (CB has no issues like this).

I end up doing the Ctrl+Del and shutdown GSA SER using the Windows Task Manager.  But this process prevents GSA SER from stopping the the projects properly.

Anybody can help me with this one please?


  • SvenSven
    Disable the "Minimize to Tray" option in "Advanced". This however never happens for me.
  • If i disable that, then it will be very visible to everybody who comes near my table.
    That's the main reason why i had to minimize it to system tray.

    Pls take note that this only happened after the v9.13 update.

    I've been running GSA SER + CB for two weeks plus already.
    I can minimize both to the system tray and open them back in just a click with no issues.
    And by the time i punch-out of the office, i already have created backlinks with it.

    ...but now....  :sigh:

    Is there something else you at GSA can do something about this please?

    Or will there be a v9.14 update today or tomorrow?  
    I just thought an update can self correct this portion.

  • SvenSven
    nothing changed on this minimize thing, it is still working for me.
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    As expected, v9.14 update came!

    I had my GSA SER updated about an hour ago.
    I run it and minimized to tray.  So far, its running smoothly.
    The icon at the system try has not disappeared yet.

    I will feedback here again in at the end of the day.

    If this update does not work well with me, my last option will be uninstalling GSA SER.
    And then i'll download the latest one from the website for me install.

    But im hoping the current update would work for me.

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