How To Rank Video With GSA

Hi Friends

Today I Like to know somebody who can help explain how to rank videos. I need to know how to prepare the tiers.
What need to be tier 1,  tier 2 and so on. I want to rank the video in youtube.

Every help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance 


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    Blast the shit out of it, that's you'll rank youtube link.
  • dariobl How many verified links per day?

  • dariobl only 1-2 tiers?

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    Only 1 tier, as much as possible links.
  • dariobl web2.0 , wiki, and everything ?

    What mean ? I can build 10 000 links per day but i will penalise the video or?

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    Churn and burn works and will always work for youtube videos. 
  • dariobl Ok but i will not burn also my website?
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    No it won't burn your website, YouTube links are nofollow.
  •  Now i did one gig on fiverr for video submission to 30 videosharing sites. You think i can use these urls for churn and burn? like Vimeo and other

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    Sure, setup a campaign and add all of the video URL's - blast away :)
  • RuFFCuT  Thank you very much for help

    I doing churn and burn on one my mo site over web2.0 I did this moment about 10 000 backlinks. When i begin see the change in the rank?

  • When you see rank changes depends on a lot of things and no one can honestly answer that - the truth is you may never see a rank change if things are not setup properly and by that I don't just mean in SER but also on-page etc.
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    Hi RuFFCuT

    Can you tell me please which from these sites are nofollow? I like to do the churn and burn with gsa but I am afraid to burn my site with online shop from other company


  • get the SEOBook toolbar. You can check each one for no-follow links:
  • Good idee deNiro72 I will do it myself . I have scarpebox :)

    but thank you very much for your help 
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    You-tube video name the channel your keyword.... then name your video the keyword... Make sure when you make the video an upload it the file name is the keyword.. Make sure you have a thumbnail thats looks cool you can name the file the keyword if you like and sticks out or no one will click on it most people skip this step but it is very important I think......

    Use keyword first in the title and then at least three times in a small description or more in bigger one.... Then grab the url in search bar of video and spin it with the share url under video embed share which you will blast with gsa how ever you want....

    Then share then video on the little social icons under video and make sure to have your video tweeted for social proof and add to a facebook page quickly then grab that url and spin in with the other two in gsa...

    Ping the url and see where you rank... in a less competitive market you may already be I have done it in many times..

    I usually go after a primary keyword and secondary keword so title would be something like "nike shoes in-stock - where to buy air jordans" and i use that so i can track and try to rank video for two highly searched lower comp keywords..

    Then when I want to go from wherever I am to first place I blast it and usually it drops a bit but within a week maybe two at most it comes back higher than before and rankings stick and possibly now my video is also in the organic google results to as well as video results..

    It works for me any thoughts?
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    Thanky ou very much for this help. I am veryx stupid for these thinfs. Sure the video keyword is one of the kanal keywords and description keywords. maybe you can check these 2 videos and help what to do more?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hmm. I see another language with beauty products am I seeing right one? I's kinda hard to tell if in another language and not knowing kw or even a glance at competing videos.... Are those just product names buyer intened kw I can't see?
  • Hi backlinkaddict

    Yes these video are in german language and the keywords too. I want to promote these on youtube because want get some traffic to my new site . The company is german company too. For aloe vera, cosmetics and fragrances.

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    Ha, I agree with the blast the crap out of it comment lol. DA is 100 and links are no follow! Wonder when that gravy train will run dry :(
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