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Are a lot of your Re-Direct dying?!


I've been playing with URP to see what sort of results it can produce and as with every tool from GSA I am (for the most part) impressed, it creates the re-directs quickly and with little to no interaction from myself. 

However I am noticing a lot of the re-direct die, is this normal behaviour or is there something off with my setup? When I say a lot I don't mean like 90% or anything let me explain better:

- I built 500 re-directs
- I exported the links and 're-verified them'
- around 50 died and I saved the updated list
- I imported the list again straight after for re-verification and around 40 died
- I imported and tested once more and more were dead

Before anyone says, no I am not importing the same list over and over  [-X


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