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Send verified links to GSA URL redirector PRO


Right now I'm manually submitting all verified links from SE to your URL redirector (where I have few link indexers setup) and this setup is giving nice results.

I would like if GSA SE can automatically send verified links to those 2k URLs redirects like it is doing with GSA Indexer.

Can you make that feature in both redirector and SE?


  • SvenSven

    You want SER->URL Redirect PRO->SEO Indexer ?

    A strange setup.

  • No, just this
    SER->URL Redirect PRO

    What I wrote before is that I'm using external indexers like link processor inside redirector.

    So, Sven - can you make just this
    SER to send verified links to redirector automatically
  • SvenSven
    added in next version
  • manubossmanuboss
    yes it would be nice to send ser verified link to url redirect pro than again in ser to build backlink to redirect.

    An option like an addon in ser so that we use it like checking a platform
  • manubossmanuboss
    thanks for the update so we can use as indexer but it's difficult to retrieve url create by redirect pro to build backlink to them...
  • It is not…just use some of indexers inside redirector
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