What is cheapest place for GSA email accounts?

Hey guys, who is offering lowest prices for email accounts?
Where are you getting your email accounts from?


  • I went ahead and plucked 21$ to try out 5 catch all emails from this service: http://seospartans.com/ I have been running on the emails now for 2-3 days and have had 0 email related errors in gsa ser. 

    ABSOLUTELY best 21 dollars ever spent. I was making myself crazy buying, testing, and replacing emails... Now I can focus on setting up campaigns and not replacing busted emails. Just make sure to follow the very simple instructions regarding settings, if you decide to try it out. 
  • So, with those 5 emails how many different campaigns you can make?
    I guess only 5? isn't it?
  • @marckolius I just checked that offer. 
    I must say that service is overpriced!!!

    For $21/mo you are getting 5 email accounts.
    That is $252 per year!

    5 domain names costs around $50 per year if you choose top .com or .net and cost much less if you choose some of promo domain extensions. For example .pw is on promo now for $4 per year. That means you can get 5 domains for $20 per year.

    Next thing you need is cheapest VPS where you will install only POP3 server and nothing else.
    Take a look at http://lowendbox.com and you will find companied like chicagovps with VPS for under $20 per year.
    It means all setup will costs you $50 to $80 per year.
    And all work can be done in under 4 hours even if you are new with linux as there are ton of easy to follow tutorials online about setting up ubuntu linux and email server.

  • It really just depends where you want to spend your time. For me it was a great deal because I don't want to waste time setting up all that stuff when I can just pay 21 bucks and be done.. I was spending atleast that much before on email vendors and by the time I'd get a third into the list, the entire list would spoil. Not sure how they do that... maybe they just black list whole blocks. So If you can do all of that, why not start your own email service?

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    And no, I am running probably about 70-100 campaigns on the emails. So far so good!

  • HinkysHinkys SEOSpartans.com - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
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    Hello, I'm the owner of that service.

    Actually, you can make as many campaigns as you need, that's the whole point. Sure you might need more than 1 if you're running a more powerful setup, but at that point, you're probably spending much more on servers / captcha services / whatever.

    And we're not running this on a moody VPS, we have dedicated SSD servers which means speed and stability. In fact, I've just checked, there wasn't a SINGLE downtime in the last 70+ days. And the only reason it's only 70 days is because that's when we've setup uptime monitoring. Not to mention that the ping is <10ms with "spikes" of 25ms lol.

    Also, you're not just getting catchalls, you're getting them hands-free. That's the whole point.

    Sure you buy a few domains, slap them on a VPS and do it all yourself in 1 day. Yeah you've saved a buck or two but now you have more things to worry about than before.
  • Your dedi server handles many of your clients. And for singe person small VPS can handle that amount of emails without any problem.
    Saving $150 on year level for 3 hours of work is good saving :)

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    Yes but it's dedicated for that job. VPS can get overloaded because some other user just got viral and then you're screwed. Not to mention that most companies won't like the fact you're processing 1000s of emails every day.

    But yes, a VPS should be able to handle 1 person's emails if you find the right one.

    It's just like any other DIY thing in this world: less $$$, more hassle. :)
  • Stability of VPS depends for virtualization. 
    About emails, all emails are incoming emails and hosting providers don't like when someone send emails and spam around, but for incoming emails it is never issue.

  • Hey miki I'm reading your posts and looks like you are first time faced with economy :D 

    First you asking for cheap emails and next you know everything about cheap emails. 
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    I would recommend http://admin.banditim.com/ it's $15 per 1000 Yahoo accounts - I use them constantly and never have email issues. The support it awesome too.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO http://blazingseollc.com/proxy
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    @RuFFCuT - Thanks for referring! I wasn't going to come in here and toot my own horn, so I'm glad at least someone pointed us out. Now that I'm in here, @miki, I want to let you know that there are no more cheaper alternatives on the market currently. You either go with catchalls, or Yahoo, or pay the lesser price for less-quality emails (Outlook and such).
  • HI, I sent support to seospartans.com but I recived "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender".

    I bought an account but email doesn;t work when I testing in my GSA. It return error.

    If someone from seospartans is here please contact.

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    diperts Sent you a PM. 
    Update: Everything is working.
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    I'm buying yahoo emails since many months with good results. Sometime I have to change 1 or 2 emails per project (I use 10, 15 or 20 on each project), but in generally they works very good.
    I buy the yahoo emails from buybulkaccount.com, same price of banditim.com, 1000 accounts/$15. Probably the quality is the same.
    And I run SER with 500/800 threads with that emails. I can't imagine how I would pay buying accounts from that provider, where only 10 accounts (suggested for 250+ threads) costs $35! For my 60 projects a minimum of 60x35= $2,100 every month!! Completely overpriced...
  • I will recommend burtkohl.com, although he does not advertise selling emails, but I know he does. I buy from him. he has a pretty secure process, costs $15 for 1000 hotmails, yahoo's. 

    he will not sell to everybody unless he is sure of your identity and knows you will not chargeback on PP, will ask to add on skype and have a chat before he starts with you :)

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