Do you use recapcha enabled in capcha breaker?

Success rate for recpacha in my CB is 12% and there are many of them.
Do you think that enabling it in CB slow things and do you use it enabled or not?


    edited October 2014
    I usually skip them - unless I want to build links on the sites that use recaptcha in which case I send them to Deathbycatcha.

    I usually only bother with recaptcha for my Tier one links since a lot of the decent sites use it.
  • You guys can try us lowest plan starts from 30$ monthly now days majority of sites use recaptcha and i am sure with new recaptcha images CB is not even 12% anymore dont skipped them it may harm backlinks much ;)

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    I skip "Hard to solve captchas" (look in your project options settings) for low-value campaigns where volume/speed trumps quality. (Lower end tiers, etc.).

    When I do want to solve recaptcha, I usually default to letting a service like @Spamvilla handle it ;)
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