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Scrapbox Info

Hi Sir is there way to find the platform of each url by using scarpbox.....


  • Not that I can think of, the only thing I can think of would be HREFER with the right filters.

    You can certainly scrape with SB but the next step I think is beyond what it can do.
  • there any other to find that ?
  • Just import into SER and sort by platform? is there a reason you want to avoid doing this?
  • As in, importing lists into SER and having the program itself sort them for you does seem the best way to load lists. I prefer to scrape my lists externally to keep SER free from that process as much as possible, I just do not see a reason behind wanting to sort lists in SB.

    Sorry I cant be any more help, the question is a bit confusing to me.
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