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GSA Seo Indexer on different host?

Is it possible? Gsa ser and gsa seo indexer separated on different vps?


  • SvenSven
    nope :(
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited October 2014

    Actually can run them both on separate machines with absolutely no problem at all.


    GSA Ser would not be able to automatically send the verified links to GSA SEO indexer if it is on another account or another machine, you will need to maybe once a week, export all of your verified links and then import them into GSA SEO indexer on the other vps.
  • Thanks for the answers guys. I know that it can be done manually, but it'd be a little mess and I'm kind of lazy to do it this way. Anyway I think it would be a cool feature if sometime it'll be able to do this way as this small but powerful tool drains my bandwidth.
  • ronron
    @doken1313 - You are right, the Indexer sucks ogygen out of the internet connect. You can experiment by turning down threads, and using the smaller database option (I forget what that is called). But whatever you do, I would stop SER and then run the indexer. It's a pain for sure, but I don't see any way around it.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I think it greatly depends on your set up and the connection.

    If you are going to run it from home on a adsl line with less than a 100m/bit line (up and down), then yes you are going to have network issues, or if you run it on a $14.99 vps with a 100,bit connection, 2 GB RAM and a shitty cpu then yes you will have problems.

    In order not to have network problems you should be running on a machine with 1000m/bit (1Gbps) line a decent amount of RAM and a good CPU so things dont choke up.

    I am running my SEO indexer at 500 threads, whilst at the same time scraping and cleaning public proxies with it .
    Running GSA SER at 300 threads.

    With all that i am only consuming 1/5th of my network connection bandwidth. CPU was a little high in the screen shot, normally it is around 50%.

    So as @ron said you should lower your threads to find a sweet spot where it does not overwhelm the network, Use the small list, only send Do Follow links to be indexed.

    Below a screenshot of my settings


  • I am having 2 powerful VPS with more than 20 GB of Ram each and 8 Virtual Xeon CPU on each but my 2 internet lines is 10 Mbit (up and down) the first and the second a classic home adsl connection (24mbit). I'll try to separate them and insert the links manually to GSA seo indexer and see what happens. 
    Am I going to have results using the custom indexer mode and forward only the dofollow links? 
  • I am runing both at home SER and Indexer on 20/5Mb line.(vdsl2)
    SER at  ~ 10-20 threads
    Indexer ~ 20-30 threads

    and I can do all regular stuff too. For "serious" spamming probably wouldnt work.
  • Guys,

    I can't belive that you have xxxx cores and xxxx amount of ram, but your internet connection is so slow and bad.
    Actually this the issue I have with my country. I can buy whatever machine I want Xeon, I7, unlimited amount of ram, not a problem at all. But my internet connection is always bad, we have 3-4 provider, and they barely could touch 100 mbps (if it is possible at all). So I outsource it to SoYouStart...
  • if you have problem regarding on the bandwidth that your GSA indexer is consuming then you need to upgrade your internet connection, just like I did.  
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