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Small code modification?

Hi Sven

I'm asking if you could make a small code modification in GSA SER's Articles section.

I use a spinner which makes my text read like this in GSA SER:
The {classic|?lassi?|class?c|cla??ic|cl?ssic}  {squeaky|s?ueaky|squ?aky|sque?ky|?queaky}  {door|d??r}  {hinge|h?nge|hing?|h?ng?

But in my spinner it reads like this:
{The|Thе}  {classic|сlassiс|clаssic|classіc|claѕѕic}  squeaky door {hinge|hіnge|hingе|hіngе} 

In Wordpress, the fix is this:

Some Wordpress configurations would show the text as a bunch of question marks.
The fix is quick and easy to do:
1. Open up ‘wp-config.php’ from the root directory of your WordPress installation.
2. Add ‘//’ at the very beginning of these two lines:
define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

define('DB_COLLATE', '');
So that section should now look like this:

//define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

//define('DB_COLLATE', '');

Can you make a code change in GSA SER to fix this, Sven?




  • SvenSven
    That spin syntax you see in SER is due to the char-spinning. I don't know what files I should change here really or what the problem is. Can youi maybe enlight me with making screenshots?
  • Hi Sven

    I have software that "spins" by changing some of the letters to ASCII code.

    For example, 'apple' becomes 'аррlе '

    This gives 100% unique in Copyscape.

    For articles, which require multiple spins, 'Eat my apple today' becomes '{Eat|Eаt}  my apple {today|todаy|todaу|tоday|tоdаy}

    The problem is, when GSA SER renders a spin of '{Eat|Eаt}  my apple {today|todаy|todaу|tоday|tоdаy} ' GSA SER renders it as

    'E?t my apple tod?y'  displaying '?' for each ASCII character

    Please forgive me if I'm using ASCII when I should say something else . . . I'm a bass player, not a coder! :)

    Cheers, John
  • SvenSven

    You do not need to spin your articles like that. SER does that itself automatically if you use an option for this.

  • Could you please give a link where this is explained Sven? I never saw it before

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