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add a parameter to post

edited October 2014 in New Engines/Platforms
Hi Sven,

How to add a parameter  to the post request ?

I mean?
I want the server to receive a parameter "test=1" that does not exist anywherein the form....

I tryed with "add data" and  "post data" , but with no sucess.
Any idea?


  • RESOLVED: add data fixed it, but there is limitation : only one (parameter_name/type) per request.
  • SvenSven

    not at all. You can add more than one...

    add fixed data=var1=content1;var2=content2;...

    add fixed data condition=condition1;condition2;

    You can add more then one by using ";".

  • Hi can i get snapshot (picture) about this...
  • SvenSven
    about what?
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