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FCS Networker vs. Rankwyz


I am hoping for some comments from people that have used both FCS and Rankwyz in the past several months. There are probably not a lot of you, but I do know that some people made the switch.

What I am trying to find out specifically is why you like FCS. 

I am not looking for a rah rah session about FCS, nor am I looking for negative comments about Rankwyz. I have a lot of respect for RW, and have been using it for over a year. I already know it's not intuitive, etc.

So if you have used both, and you made the switch to FCS, please elaborate on exactly why you like it.

I think there are a lot of people who would like to hear about it from people that used both.

Many thanks!!


p.s. I used FCS a long time ago, and the product has changed quite a bit. A buddy asked me about it, and I didn't feel it was responsible to give him old experiences. That's why I am looking for some fresh experience. Thanks again!!


  • ronron
    @deNiro72 - That's a great start. Thank you.
  • @ron

    2.easier than rankwyz (interface is really easy to understand)
    3.we can retry failed links if it was failed to submit before
    4. has a built in proxy so we dont need to get any more proxies
    5. integrated with captcha services, spinners, and easy article upload support reply =) helped them with KM api recently

    for rankwyz? well i didnt understand it even for the freetrial.. no success with this
  • Customer service was it for me. Tried both. Used both. FCS all the way. Look at the Rankwyz forums. Tell me what you see. 99% complaints and people saying there is no support. Heck I never was able to sign up on the forum as there was some error and they closed my ticket twice. You can get a lifetime license to FCS to boot.
  • ronron
    @Molex and @mda1125 - You guys are making a strong case.

    I think these are two services where the developers work really hard on a fairly complex product with a lot of moving parts. I also think it is a difficult service to get anywhere close to perfect.

    How is the account creator part?

    Thanks for your input. Keep it coming everyone else...
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Has anyone ever figured out why the account creation has to be done by yourself for FCS? If they're able to post via their web-based dashboard, why not be able to sign up to accounts too?
  • Simple . Dan replies to my mails within an hour . 

    And also, FCS just beta-tested its cloud based account creator.I think that ALONE is a good reason.No messy installs to run to create accounts.I had something around 70% of success which is very good considering that it was on beta.They also have a API for SER rolling out . They have a slow but steady Ubot for account creation which gets some very nice success rates. I dont know , I just like the whole FCS experience
  • ronron
    edited October 2014
    I thought something was happening on the account creation side. That was one of the things that I didn't like the first time I used it. That's kind of a big deal for me.
  • ron why not make the bot run on a cheap $15 vps and forget about it ?
  • The account creator (desktop or web version) doesn't create accounts on every network they support.  I don't use it anyway but that's not relevant.

    The biggest thing for me was support.  If something didn't work or a blog wasn't posting.. they answered/fixed it.

    Rankwyz.. nothing.  If it didn't work.  Good luck.  And any forum that is full of people complaining about this and that.. just isn't worth it.  Essentially they do the same thing but for me.. anybody can make promises but when it comes to backing it up and supporting it.. different story.

    Go take a look at the forums over on the other side.. the account creator over there sounds like a nightmare.

    I guess if you want 2500+ accounts on every platform they support.. FCS won't cut it.  But neither will the competition.

    However if you find a bug or something isn't work as it should, they will respond and you'll get an answer. Can't say I ever got that on the other side.

  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    It`s true, their support is very very good, I am using FCS since long time. It seems very soon they will implement web account creator, it appeared for a short time as a beta but after short while dissapeared, they are probably testing it yet, if they will implement online account creator it will be the best tools like this I mean Web 2.0 acc creator and posting platform.

    I am very satisfied with the success rate comparing to Rankqwyz
  • Got my hands on FCS few days ago. I opened the account creator tool and within 5-10 minutes i had 42 live accounts created. Wow thats 42 web 2.0 accounts in 5 minute. So the speed is amazing, the success rate is the highest from the market. They do constant updates, you need no proxies for fcs, spinner integrations, free spinner that works decent. You can do multiple web 2.0 blog networks and interlink them easily. I just got my hands on fcs will play more with it
  • I've switched between both of them...TWICE !!

    Originally had Rankwyz when it was called something else. It didn't seem to be getting results so switched to a very early version of FCS. They were both buggy and eventually I moved back to Rankwyz and have been there for a year or two. Rankwyz support is plain AWFUL. If you can get Pavel interested then it will probably get fixed but otherwise they use a helpdesk based on the sub-continent and it's worse than useless. I've NEVER known them to fix a problem, they just close the tickets.

    Took another look at FCS about two weeks ago and I'm in the process of moving lots of stuff over from Rankwyz. Just as everyone else has said, it's the difference between chalk and cheese on the support front. Dan answers within a day, Rankwyz just ignore you. It's almost like Pavel, the creator of Rankwyz doesn't actually look at his own forum and they have a very bad habit of changing things without Beta testing. So they "improve" one thing and two other vital parts of the system stop working.

    I haven't yet decided if I'm going to get rid of Rankwyz completely, or simply downsize to the cheapest package. There are a number of engines (such as Edublogs, Thoughts, Bravejournal, Bravesites etc etc) that FCS don't support whereas Rankwyz claim to. I need to do further investigation to see if Rankwyz really can post to these sites, and if they can then I might keep a small Rankwyz account just to keep those existing blogs alive.

    If I were starting from scratch then FCS would definitely be my choice.
  • "Edublogs, Thoughts, Bravejournal, Bravesites"

    All of these will be instantly deleted if you try to post to them with rankwyz - the only tool that I've had any sucess with on those platforms is autofill magic, due to the fact it's only semi automated.

    I find Rankwyz annoying (but I'm used to it), and FCS marginally less annoying, but not enough to make me want to go through the hassle of switching everything across. FCS support and account creator are definitely better though.

    With me I guess it's a case of 'Better the devil you know', at least for the time being. lol
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Has anyone tried article kevo? How does that stack up against rankwyz and FCS? I was tempted to jump in a purchase FCS and this thread is perfect timing, it looks like its the favourite
  • @2Take2 - I have Bravesites and Edublogs blogs that have been alive for over a year with up to 100 Rankwyz blog posts on them although I do agree that lots of them get deleted.
  • ronron
    @MorphMan - Yeah I bought Kevo and returned it. Too few platforms to bother with it.
  • @ron

    I tried FCS before and returned it ... Magic Submitter is the king of Web2.0. At least in my experience.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited October 2014
    @filescape - yea, you're right, I didn't really think that through properly before I typed it. lol

    As you said, 'really difficult' would probably be more accurate, as opposed to 'impossible'. :)
  • The FCS account creator is a work of art, simple to use and makes managing extremely large projects simple.

    I love it! 
  • edited October 2014
    Has anyone tried Zsubmitter? I found it on BHW, it support 100+ web 2.0 site
  • ronron
    @quanaoredep - Thanks for that tip. That is now the third time in a week that I have heard this. Time to look it up.
  • edited October 2014
    Hello Guys,

    I'm planning to buy the FCS Networker "Lifetime Power"  $699  Package for my web 2.0 campaigns, Do you recommend it? is it a good investment ? what do you think? 

    I saw a cheaper web 2.0 submission how is it compated to FCS Networker?

    Please i need your review guys

    Thank you 
  • I'm sorry, I know this isn't supposed to be a bash-rankwyz-palooza... but oohhh I literally cringe thinking back at the day I decided I was just flat out determined to make it work and spent probably 8 hours getting some campaigns going.

    I freely admit some user error mixed with a terrible interface. I got it sort of working now, but still often get the dreaded "failed to start". No explanation, just failed to start! Okay, feeling better.

    I think most tools got the bookmarks covered, so I really want to find a good web 2.0 solution too. I don't mind putting in the work to get these campaigns set up, but when you have quadrupple checked settings and it just doesnt start, its frustrating. Glad to know it's not just me lol.
  • ronron
    @marckolius - That seems to be the general consensus. It really is hard to bash somebody when you know it's just one guy and not a team. It's a very complex piece of software/interface, and no one has ever really created a smooth app for this.

    Many have tried, and all quite frankly are below the expectation one would hope for. And that applies to everything I have seen so far, unfortunately.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    It's making ME cringe seeing people going for a $699 piece of software that has issues. Hell. To. The. No. I can't keep quiet any longer. For anyone that reads this - we're currently underway on developing a competitor system that will be able to [eventually] post to FCS/RankWYZ/Zsubmitter websites, as well as websites and platforms that require javascript (think Squidoo for instance, although they're nofollow now). ETA about 3 weeks for a beta run on one web2.0 which will be built off our custom scripting engine. Once the scripting engine is created, adding new sites and platforms should be a breeze. Keep your eyes on the lookout on the forum, I'll be posting a thread in about 2 weeks.
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited October 2014
    @ron use both since Rankwyz was Articlewyz and FCS was a slightly ropey desktop only app, which at the time created accts and submitted to them only via the app.

    I still have both, but I only really use FCS now and that's because it just works and if there are any issues, Dan's support is legendary.

    Plus Dan listens to his users and is open to suggestions on how it can be improved.

    Zsumitter was created by someone who used to be active on the SER forums - awint.  He posted questions for months and months about the engines and went on and on about it almost being ready, maybe about 18 months ago.  I think @Sven wasn't best pleased as I seem to remember something about lots of his code or engines had been used to make zsubmitter without permission.

    @BanditIM sounds interesting and if you're looking for beta testers I'd be happy to help out.
  • ronron
    @davbel - You are exactly right. When I looked into it last night I saw who was behind it. And I do remember the dust-up over the engines.

    Thanks for posting on this. It sounds like you jumped in FCS when I did, and I walked away. But I felt things had changed, and that is why I am interested again.
  • @ron would you recommend me to buy FCS Networker for Web 2.0? based on many positive reviews i read regarding FCS im comfortable on buying it.  Please advice

  • ronron
    edited October 2014
    @PHILIPPINES - Don'y buy it, try it for $19 for one month. Quit trying to blow a load of money. Give it 30 days to see if you like it first.

    p.s. Edit: I did that with Ultimate Demon for $350, and I am still swearing at myself, 2 years later.
  • @PHILIPPINES - Do what @ron says.. and if you like it, tell them you want to purchase and they should apply the 1st month you already paid as a discount.  I tried it for about 20 days, loved it and they just comped me the 1st month off the total price. 

    I use it for my Web 2.0 network and Social Bookmarks.  It's a real lifesaver.
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