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"%random_option%|%capquest%" valid?

edited October 2014 in New Engines/Platforms

valid ?

goal => is to get random option if a selectbox, but sent to question_captcha if NOT a selectbox.
Valid ?


  • SvenSven
    that will not work. %capquest% will however open a combobox input in case it thinks it's a text captcha.
  • Sven,
    I am confused.

    Last time you told me that "var=%random-1-28%|%random_option%"  is OK.

    So, let s say i have the following type:


    How can they be grouped into a varible?
    i mean, var:type1|type2 

  • SvenSven
    %capquest% is a rather special one what can not be used in combination, rest would work.
  • thank you Sven
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