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I currently own GSA SER and GSA CB and I have the program use for recaptcha and other hard captcha's. The problem I am noticing is that my balance is dwindling VERY quickly. I know that on it says $2 per 1,000 captcha's and I know that it also says developer's can charge whatever they want. I read somewhere that GSA charges $6 per 1,000 captcha's but that seems so expensive....

Sven -
1. can you please tell me what I am being charged?
2. Inside CB it says "Service: 33718/46412 (73%)" - Is that 73% a normal solve rate for a paid service? That seems awfully low
3. Is there a cheaper service than to use with CB?


  • SvenSven

    1. 6 USD per 1000 captchas

    2. I leave that for others to answer as I hardly use any services

    3. I guess so, but I do not know the success rate of them

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