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Skipped by settings

I just purchased Gsa captcha breaker, a bit confused.   I have it set to send catpchas to another service if it can't solve them, however every time I see a recaptcha it randomly will say "captcha skipped by settings" and it'll go on a spree where 100 of them are skipped.   If I stop it and start it and resave the options, eventually it'll start working again.   What am I doing wrong?   There is no setting I have set to skip any captchas. 


  • Very odd, I had to go in and set it to auto send recaptcha to external service through the toggle.   Suddenly out of no where rather than send captchas to another service when the solve rate is under 40% it just start saying "Skipped by settings" where before it wasn't doing that. 
  • SvenSven

    skipped by settings means either the captcha type is unchecked or the option to not solve captchas with a low success rate is used.

    In that case captchas are forwarded to an external captcha service (that you have to configure of course). If the option to only use that service for marked captchas (popup menu) is used, then it is of course skipped as well if that icon does not appear next to the item.

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