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Adjust Percentage of Links to Build

Would it be possible per project to select multiple platforms and per top level, adjust the percentage of links or total that would be built?

For example, I want to run a project that uses:

* Articles
* Forums
* Video
* Microblogs
* Social Network
* Social Bookmarks
* Web 2.0
* Wiki

But I don't want a ton of forum links built.  Or too many social bookmarks.  Maybe 10% of the total would be those types.  Or a total of 100.

Would that type of idea be possible?  SER per project could look at the type of links built and keep on posting to sites until that percentage if meet or goes down.


  • ronron
    It would be nice but that is a no-go. You have to create separate projects, and then custom specify the # of links per day per project. But it's a piece of cake because you just clone it, select different platforms and drop in new emails. The hard work is always setting up the initial project, and then the clones are easy.
  • True.  I considered that.  As you say, it's pretty darn easy to duplicate the project, remove the unwanted platforms and merely adjust the links per day.  So you could essentially say.. I do want forums PR 3+ but just submit 2 a day.

    Pretty much the same thing.

    Thanks for the alternative.
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