Delete campaign and recreate?

BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
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I notice that I get about 2000-6000 links pretty quickly (2-3 days) running all except blog comments.

Is the slowdown due to the fact that GSA isn't finding anymore sites?  If this is the case I would get more total links by deleting my campaign and recreating because then it would post to the same sites a second time, correct?

As far as I can tell there is no way to force GSA to repost to the same sites, correct?


  • ronron
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    First, you can untick "Avoid posting URL on same domain twice". But I don't think that is your problem and probably would not want to do that.

    There's a number of things that can drop efficiency. I wouldn't delete the campaign. Whenever I see GSA slowing down, I always check:

    1) Proxies - to make sure they are working. This has a sneaky way of being the biggest issue. I'm using private semi-dedicated proxies;

    2) Email - to make sure it isn't blacklisted;

    3) Keywords - see if I might need a new keyword list as the one I have in there might be stale and overused. I try to use 1000 keywords at a crack, and change them monthly on the heavily posted tier projects;

    4) Bandwidth - to see if there are any issues there. I have cable, and although I am usually at 36 Mbps, it can ebb and flow since it is not a dedicated connection;

    5) Too many emails - I have found that if I go in every couple of weeks and delete everything 6 days old or older, GSA spends a lot less time verifying, and spends more time hunting targets.

    If I were to take a wild guess, it would be too few keywords or too many emails. 

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Thanks for the reply Ron, I don't think those are my issues.

    1. I use private proxies, I just checked and they're not blacklisted and all pass Google.
    2. Email isn't blacklisted, I just started using this email 3 days ago.
    3. I currently have 8637 keywords, doubtful that's the issue.
    4. I'm on an unlimited VPS.  Today I've transferred 138 GB and I'm currently at DL 5.2MB/sec and UL 1.1MB/sec.
    5. I have GSA delete all emails so there aren't any in there right now.

    Thanks for the ideas, good idea to have someone else make sure it's all set up correctly.  I did check to make sure that I've unchecked "Avoid posting on the same url twice", and it was already unchecked.  I have 70k that need to be verified, so maybe there is a problem with GSA not checking my sites for verification.

    What's the best way to force an immediate verification of all submitted URLs?
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    Right click on project=>Status=>Active Verify Only
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