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Page rank

At the moment I am using Scrapebox to scrape sites for GSA. Does GSA get page rank or should I use Scrapebox  to do that before i add my new sites?

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  • Accepted Answer
    Either one will do it.

    Scrapebox can check PageRank and GSA SER will check PageRank if that's a filter you've selected before posting.

    I've looked at each and my conclusion was to let SER do the work.  Let's say you scrape and find 456,687 identified sites! 

    Now what?  Break that up into 50,000 chunks or do the whole thing?  Mass PageRank checking might get your proxies burned out.

    I opted to just import into SER and when I post, let SER check before posting.  It is a much slower pace but essentially does the job.. which is I don't want to post to domains less than X.

    It depends on your proxies, how many sites you are talking about.. each tool will do the job.  If you would rather SER only focus on posting, then the better sites you give it up front, the less work it will have to do.

    If you do choose Scrapebox to check PageRank and then use SER, don't have those PR boxes checked or you are essentially doing the same thing again.  Unless you want to use that feature as a double check.
  • Accepted Answer
    It's on the Options tab under the Search Engines.  You can filter what you post to based on Outbound links, Page Rank, and a slew of other options.


  • Thank you for your response. What do i check in GSA to have GSA check  those imported  sites for page rank?
  • Thank you for your response!!! I do have one additional question . I have used SeNuke primarily  for over a year as I dabbled off and on in attempting to rank sites.  If you  could explain the best way to set up an email account for GSA, I would be most appreciative. My thought process was to set up  3 email accounts using Hotmail for my tired linking approach . However, I see many comments from people using multiple email accounts. Can you explained the rationale behind this?and should I find someone or use some software to create these accounts?



    P.S. Anyone is free to comment on this as I will gladly accept good advice from anyone
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