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Frustrating Because of VPS provider... Looking for Dedicated Server

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Is there any good VPS service? The best vps service so far that i use is poweruphosting, but when they move their server, i can't works almost 1 weeks and also i lost all my file because there is no email confirmation at all about the server migration.

Right now i'm using trustvm pro and elite. But right now,  I'm having a problem with the vps connection, the vps respond is so slow. When i ask Carlos he replay

"It was a problem with overload in the datacenter node, nothing we can do"

Right now i consider to buy dedicated server, is there any good dedicated server provider? GSA member, what dedicated server are you using, for the return i will buy the service from your affiliate link. Just pm me your affiliate link.


  • I'm not runing a dedi, just a regular vps, used to be with powerup, but they had a massive downtime of two days (lol at their 100% uptime claim), now i'm with bermanhosting with a better+cheaper package, speedwise altough i've downgraded to 100mb from 1000mb (it was almost always below 100 anyway ...) i'm way happier, and it in fact my access to the vps is even quicker, because i'm from Portugal and the vps is is Germany as oposed to somewhere in the US with powerup.
  • As Pisco said, a major factor is where your connecting from, and where your connecting to. I'm in the UK, and found Berman fantastic as there in Germany. The connection was smooth, and there was no lag at all. I'd recommend them, as i was with them for a number of months, and never had any issues, and they always responded to any queries relatively quickly. 
  • @darman82 Firstly, I appreciate you consider us as one of the best company.

    Now, regarding the server move, we sent everyone over 10 emails during a time period of 3 weeks before finally transferring everything. I ain't sure how you missed out those emails, maybe those emails landed on your SPAM folder.

    I have responded to your PM.

    @pisco We never had a single second of downtime as of now except for the migration (Few hours which couldn't be avoided) and the maintenance of server (Again, maintenance of the servers/network port are necessary or else servers tends to get slower). Both the categories doesn't fall under Uptime Guarantee.
  • hmm i can recommend OVH servers . ,)
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I've been running Hostamus for almost two years.  Damien is fantastic.  BlackHatWorld has a great deal right now.  I have a few VPS's with them.  Right now my biggest one is running GSA at 600 threads and I'm steadily moving that number up.  I have 2x3.2GHZ and 6GB ram.  I do about 100-150 GB transfer per day and maxed DL at 118MB/sec and UL at 41MB/sec.

    I haven't ever had any downtime except when I've asked them to upgrade my server.
  • @KayKay OVH doesn't allow SEO activities so if they ever find out, then they will give you couple of warning and then end up terminating your server :)
  • Brandon what proxy service do you use.
  • @poweruphosting .. hmm good to know .. but i do there for more than a year seo stuff without any problem and the service there is great ,)
  • @Kaykay i just send you pm. Please check it...
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @tommy99 I'm using  I've used a few different providers and they're good.  I run 600+ threads with 20 private proxies and have no trouble.
  • @KayKay I'd watch out, as i had an issue with my OVH dedicated server, which they ended up cancelling, due to my 'activities' having a negative effect on their network.
  • @KayKay It's all about not getting caught. If they do, they will terminate your servers like @doubleup mentioned.
  • poweruphosting, in the end of the day if i my vps is down for two days, not a few hours like you said it would be, my notion of uptime takes an arrow in the knee.
  • I've been using OVH for more than a year with XRumer and only recently had a problem.

    I plan to continue.

    My advice is to modify the hosts file to redirect all OVH and KIMSUFI that you can find to nowhere.  Forbid the words OVH and KIMSUFI in GSA.  Then, add them to xblack.txt if you have XR.

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