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Bug / Feature request for article manager.


I started a new campaign and I'm using articles in the following way:

- A Folder with many articles, no Spintax.
- Each Article has %spinfile{...All files...} as subject, and %spinfile%spinfile{...All files...} %spinfile{...All files...} %spinfile{...All files...} (... 5 times) as the article body.

This produces "random" articles based on paragraphs, but if I activate "Mix Articles into new one" in article manager, everything gets messed up, and %spinfile and other macros get posted to article sites as it mixes the article paragraphs and sentences before the article itself gets generated from macros.

The feature/bugfix would be to be able to mix articles generated this way by processing the article macros before mixing them.



  • SvenSven
    %spinfile{...All files...} << sorry but thats no correct syntax. Can you maybe make a screenshot to see if it's really like that?
  • Spinfile is used multiple times inside article body, and if "Mix articles into new one" is used, this doesn't work, but otherwise it works fine.

  • SvenSven
    why not simply using the %spinfile-<folder>% as macro instead of using tons of files as spin syntax?
  • I didn't know that could be done. Could you give me a syntax example?

    Also, would this fix the issue?

    I'm thinking of "double mixing" in the same article, like pulling content with %spinfile% AND %random_articlemix% and then using "Mix Articles into new one" to further mix and spin the content.

  • SvenSven
    syntax is %spinfile-c:\folder\with\articles\%
  • Thanks.

    Will using this syntax with "Mix Articles into new one" work? Or should I use other ways to spin sentences in each grabbed %spinfile line?

  • SvenSven

    Why don't you test it!?!? It's a rather unusual setup. In theory it should work.

    Also have a look at #file_links macro.

  • It's working now,

    I set %spinfile-C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\articlescrape-esp-1\% 5 times as article body, and enable article mixing option in article manager.


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