SER stuck at verification

Hey guys,

anyone experienced SER stuck at verification?

For one of my vps(from dedi), SER is stuck at verification- 100 active projects. I think I started with 300 threads yesterday, then I noticed the logs wasn't moving after some hours, then I increased to 500 threads, after some hours, log wasn't moving anymore, then set threads to 1000. Now log isn't moving again. I then tried to 'Stop' Ser, but problem is that all the projects are stuck at 'waiting for threads to finish'. Thread count won't decrease from 1000 threads.

I've already sent a bug report through SER.

If anyone has experienced this, would be great to have some feedback.


Hope you can look into this.


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    I'd try stopping/restarting ser completely. If you cant shut it down gracefully, go to task-manager and kill it. Before you kill it though, take a look at your CPU and Memory usage. You may well be overloading your machine.

  • 1linklist , CPU usage was very low when this occurred. SER really wasn't doing anything, or was stuck at something.

    I've already killed SER, restarted my dedi, and just hope(for now) this won't happen again

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