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GSA Indexer: Public or Private Proxies?

Would it be better to use public or private proxies with GSA Indexer? Also could I use the same private proxies I use for GSA SER?


  • SvenSven
    I don't think proxies are usefull for SEO Indexer at all. Personally I do not use any.
  • I used same proxies on GSA, but sometime I let them run with out proxies. 
  • Hi,
    Sorry for bumping an old thread but you and @Sven may find this useful

    I've just received an abuse complaint from my vps provider where I've been playing around with GSA SEO indexer. The actual complaint is from They temporarily blacklisted the IP of the VPS.
    I guess it wasn't the greatest idea jacking up the threads to 300 without any proxies and let it run overnight.
     I didn't have any problem with 100 threads before so I reduced the threads back and enabled public proxies. I hope it will do the job.
  • SvenSven
    But SEO Indexer is not really making any submissions in the old way...I don't see how this can do any harm.
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