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How to remove image tag from Wiki sites

edited January 2013 in Feature Requests
SER post same article to wiki sites like moinmoin/mediawiki/tikkawiki  So if we have <img> tag in our article, SER post it as it is...Is there any way SER could post to wiki sites witout images [as wiki site dosen't support any html tags]? OR can we have seperate article field for wiki sites?


  • edited January 2013

    yes most wikis seem to not support tags .. GSA generates alot of posts like ..

    Got nothing to say about me I think.<br>Yes! Im a member of ....

    you see still the <br> tag written as text and not interpreted..and so the post looks very spamy
    maybe it would be better if GSA sends without html tags to wikis @sven

  • SvenSven
    the br tag should be replaced properly. the img tag however is not...i would need sample sites where this is not correct.
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