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Problem with articles when using ContentFoundry

I've been using ContentFoundry's option to create GSA SER campaigns, and up until recently it worked great. However recently, when I go to preview the article under Article Manager > Preview (and indeed, the article that gets published), is only about 2 sentences long.

When I check older campaigns where I used the same CF template, the full article is there.  I've tried looking at things side by side but can't figure out what the difference is, and while I initially thought it was a problem in CF, now I'm not so sure.  Hopefully someone else here that uses ContentFoundry can give it a try and let me know, (or @Sven, if you'd like, I can send you 2 projects - one older, working one and a newer one with the problems).

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me... I've been pulling my hair out the past few days trying to figure out what's happening.


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    This has nothing to do with SER @mexiken, its CF bug. When it creates new project, it now adds this tick since SER 8.86

    So you must untick that for things to be as they were before.

    And knowing first handly that developer no more gives a damn about his tool (I know this is a bit rough, but so is ignoring tickets and emails for month+, especially for sub based software), I think this half measure will have to suffice if you still want to use CF 
  • THANK YOU Nikodim!!! 

    Damn, I totally missed that (well, I saw it but paid no attention to it).  Phew! and I even have a little bit of my hair left! lol

    I have to say that I don't think you're being "rough" on the developer... I've had tickets that go unanswered for long periods too, including this recent one for about a week explaining that if I couldn't get it resolved, I saw no reason to continue my subscription with him.  Now that YOU answered it for him, I think he owes you a thank you as much as I do.
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    No problem @mexiken  ;)
    Don't get me wrong, Kyle seems like totally normal guy, CF is a great tool, and for me it is currently better than SCM (I've tested trial version), but if only @Ozinix cared a little more about his own creation it would been much better. But maybe he just had some kind of problems in real life so I won't go rampaging about that whole situation.

    If it continues like that (more bugs equals more routine, useless work) I will be left no choice but to unsub from CF though...
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