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few more bugs found ...

the folder it remembers is always in AppData/Roaming but not the latest folder i used, 
when i was asking for remeber the last folder i was refering to my custom folder not to some default folder deeply hidden in the OS

in the multiple window when i click on start it processes only 1 url, then it stopps, in that case multipe would be useless :D
thx for fixing


  • SvenSven

    well the folder is saved on exit/reload...however maybe I missed some check...

    for the other issue I can not reproduce it. If I load a lot urls there and hit the start button, I get one url after the other submitted.

  • also ... in the multiple queue after one url has been processed, the checkbox should be unchecked, right, or?
    cause when i then press start again it does do the first url once again
  • hmm odd, lemme try with a smaller list, 
  • my fault, dont know why, with a different list it works as supposed to be, 
    just the to remember the last folder is no working as supposed to me :D
  • SvenSven

    unchecking: thats fixed for next version...realized this myself already.

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