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Using Generic, General and URLs as Keywords

Hi all,

I'm using the multiple domain option in GSA URL Redirect Pro. Thus:{keyword|keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}{keyword|keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}

There has been a lot of talk recently about the need to include general and generic anchor text as keywords instead of targeted keywords, for example, 'click here' or 'this site' or 'here'. So should we be incorporating these general click terms into the keyword mix, in an attempt to replicate natural linking patterns?

And what about using URLs as well? These have also been recommended as providing a natural linking pattern because raw URL links do exist all over the place. But should we be using these in the keywords section as above?

In other words, should we be using the following for a site about dog training, for example:{dog training|beagle training|click here|this website|puppy training|dog training help|}{dog training||here|this site|dog training advice}

What do people think of this? Would this be a good pattern to follow using the 301 URL Redirect process?



  • SvenSven
    Just click the option to use generic anchor texts. It's already build into SER.
  • But can I do this, as I described, with GSA URL Redirect Pro? I'd prefer to do this as described, but I don't know if it is advised. Am I safe in doing it the way I described above? Will it work?
  • SvenSven
    oh you want generic keywords for URL Redirect PRO. Well I would not use it there but if you want, use the spin syntax for a couple of them.
  • i could be wrong ... but the keyword thingie is only on a few 301 redirects only, and on a side note none of them carry any PR of the ones which support keywords, 
    so just using them as redirects what they are should do just fine imho, no real point in messing with keywords
  • Now I'm really confused.

    The keyword is presumably the anchor text which forms the link from the 301 redirect URL. So surely the keyword is relevant to the link being able to pass some information about what the link subject is about?

    Or is there a reason I should not specify keywords on 301 redirects at all?

    I'm only trying to match the best use of 301 redirect URLs with what I know about the best practice of using anchor text, which is that the anchor text should be varied and contain a good percentage of generic words and also raw URLs (as this closely follows the linking pattern of 'natural' linking).

    So why should this not apply to 301 Redirect links?

    Are the keywords not used as anchor text in 301 redirect URLs? If not, why is there a facility for providing different keywords in 301 redirect URLs at all?

    Please help me here; I'm completely baffled.
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