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VPS Server ....

i was thinking of getting into SEO again, made quite a break :D 
and was looking around for Servers, so SolidSeoVPS seems to be used by most people those days, but the thing i really dont get is for prices of 50+ Dollars i can rent a dedicated server with those specs
- Dual Quad L5520 2.26 Ghz, 24 GB RAM  / 1x120GB SSD SATA2, which was the last quote from 5 months ago when i needed new servers.
however this was with Linux OS, 

anyhow, since SER is 32 bit program, as far i recall it there is literally no need for 24 GB RAM to begin with, so assuming
i have all GSA stuff running on that box ....
SER / CB / Indexer / URLredirect what would be the max specs GSA could make use of....
and just to remember it again, what was more important for SER was it CPU or RAM?

what do you guys think is the best to go for?


  • follow up question will
    GSA stuff run fine on Windows Server 2003?
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