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Need Testers & Feedback

Creating a new service and would love some use and feedback. All testers would get free paid account for a year in the end.

Please PM me if interested.


  • @iprivatenetwork what kind of service?
  • Its a mix of PBN management and online order management for customers.
  • Hey,

    Will you need a CAPTCHA solving service for your tests? I can help you out!
  • I can help you with testing. Let me know
  • I could help too, free premium accouts doesn't lie around :D
  • certainly interested , let us know your plan. 
  • Send me your ideas.
  • I can help you with testing. Let me know
  • Here is the summary of the site. I'm putting together more info but I hope this will do for now..

    IPN is designed for a link builder, who has a list of sites, to easily manage
    the content thats distributed across it. This is called your "Network".

    The first step would be to add your sites under your IPN account. To make sure that content
    can be sent out to your sites, you can either install a WordPress plugin, or just add your
    account username/passwords for your sites. We recommend the plugin as its more efficient in terms
    of speed.

    You can see your network here

    Once you have your network in place, its time to distribute content across your sites. 
    The "Order" page allows you to create content that will be distributed across your network.
    There are various options that the IPN system will do for you (adding images, videos, links, etc)
    In addition, for each order you can target specific sites if you like based on various criteria.

    You can see the order page here

    Once your order has been distributed across your network you'll get a link report which in theory you would
    then pass on to your customers.

    You can see all of your orders here

    Finally the IPN system allows you to create link building stores. We call them "instant" sites.
    By adding 2 files to a domain hosting account that you own, you can have your own customizable 
    link store that also has a customer portal for your customers to log into and handle order management. 
    This link store will send order data back to your IPN account where you can then do order fullfillment.
    You can also keep track of how each site performs and sales stats on your customers.

    Currently, all payment processing is done via Paypal so you'll need a paypal account to use it.

    In all, it takes about 5-10 mins to setup.

    The purpose here is to have mutliple link building stores to expand your footprint and to do it in a quick 
    manner without having to create a new site from scratch.

    You can see all of your "instant" sites here.

    For Testing we hope that you will try all of these features and let us know your experiences when
    trying to execute them. If there's anything that you find confusing, not explained, lost, not working
    or not working as expected, please let us know. All feedback is good feedback.
  • Update-

    All links created via the IPN system will automaticlly get sent to our massive internal pinging service.
  • Update - 

    The IPN system now supports Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and DotClear installs. 

    If anyone knows of other popular platforms, please let chime in.
  • -Update

    We've now added an simple affiliate program to the service. 

    Every affiliate will earn 25% of sales generated from a referred members for the members first 3 billing cycles.

    We've also added a massive internal pinging service for all URLs generated via the IPN system which is totally free.

    Still looking for feedback guys.
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