Sites have been hacked!

I am very sorry if this isn't the place to ask this question. But I don't know where else to ask. A friend has just tried to view my sites and there is porn type stuff in it's place. I am worried now. Is anyone familiar with this type of thing? What should I do and are my sites now ruined?


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    what platform are you using?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    If you're on a decent web host they usually have a backup and can fix it for you. Talk to their support.
  • Wordpress I'm using guys.
  • Hostgator is my host.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    Hop on their live chat support and let them help you. 
  • i cant live chat them as my billing password is not working for some reason.  this also stops me sending a ticket,
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
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    You can still talk to them. Either call or open live chat as if you're a new customer and tell them your password isn't working.
  • Just changed password.  They make this hard! haha

    Just sent a ticket to them.  Fingers crossed my sites are ok!!!
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    a good host will beable to get it back up and running for you but that doesn't mean you won't get hacked again.
    are you using a cracked theme or plugin? (if so, can you PM me where you got it from?).
    what theme are you using?
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    Wordpress gets hardcore bruteforced nowadays.

    • Be sure to use a good password (Long --> Longer --> Your Password)
  • I opened a ticket with hostgator last night when i created this topic.  Still no reply from them.  Gonna live chat them now but its a 30 minute wait.

    2 of the themes are cracked but 3 of them are not.  The 3 that are not are all optimizepress.  When i look at my sites on a desktop and my ipad they are fine.  But through a mobile phone they run into trouble.

    Last week i checked my analytics and saw that somebody from the same IP was looking at 4 of my sites.  This worried me then as i was wondering how they linked them.  It must be this IP that hacked me.  The IP is only situated in the next city from me aswell.  Scumbags!!!
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    be careful where you get your cracked themes and plugins.., the hackers have probably got in through these.
  • damn!

    If i go and buy the same theme can it be switched with the cracked ones and keep everything in place as it already is?

    I just spoke to hostgator.  They said i have not heard back from them because security is a delicate matter.  I'm a bot worried haha
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    yes, same thing happened to me thats why i said you can PM me the place you got the theme from.
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    first get rid of plugins and themes which are vulnerable to hack

    IOSEC Anti Flood Security Gateway Module it will prevent you with brute force or ddos Kyplex Anti-Malware Service which is kind of antivirus for wordpressBulletProof Security has plenty of options to make wp more securerCaptcha plugin on login page 
    best of luck
  • Should i be worried about my personal details? aswell as things as my paypal and stripe accounts?  How serious is this im dealing with?
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    were you selling affiliate products or adsense?
  • I am selling my own products mate.
  • goonergooner
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    Using hacked themes or plugins is almost certainly the reason, been there and done that!

    Hostgator keep a backup of your sites for one week, providing you haven't gone over your disk space quota etc.
    You can get the site restored for $20 or something like that:
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