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Need Tp Point Links at the New 301 Redirect URLs?

Hi, Just to make absolutely sure I've got this right, I create the 301 redirect links by using GSA URL Redirect Pro, then I need to get these new URLs indexed (I use Linklicious with the drip-feed option) .

But then do I need to do anything else?

I read somewhere that I need to also build links to the new 301 redirect URLs (and then ping them so that the new links pointing to the 301 URLs will be noticed). Is this correct?

What if I don't build links to the new 301 redirect URLs? Will the presence of the 301 redirect URLs not have any effect on ranking in the serps? Or do they need new links pointing to them in order to improve rankings of the money site? This hasn't been made clear, or perhaps I've just missed it.


  • Hello, can anyone advise on this please?

    I already have the software; it would be good to know how it was designed to be used.

  • you basically answered your question yourself ....
    a trillion links dont help if they are not indexed, not known to anybody ....

    so if you run your redirect links thru some indexer servrice to get them indexed, then there is no point of building links to them, cause the sole reason of building links to them would be to get them indexed ..

    if you dont built links to your 301 and have runned them thru some indexer service then they built link to your 301 already, thats basially what a indexer service is all about ...

  • Thanks, Oil. OK, so the indexing service (such as Linklicious, which I use) gets the 301 URLs indexed and that is all there is to do. There is no need to provide further links to the 301 URLs.

    This is what I thought previously, but then I read the PDF by Robert Thwaite, producer of 301 Redirect, who stated that backlinks must be pointed at the 301 URLs, so this puzzled me a bit. I guess he was talking about a specific method of using 301 techniques.

    Thanks again.
  • well i am not a real expert in SEO so maybe somebody else saying i had it wrong, however since always the reason we put backlinks to a link was that its getting indexed, there is no other reason basially, hence my assumption is that in the PDF it just states that any 301 is pointless if its not indexed, and the only thing to get it indexed is by building links to it, however thats what a indexing service is already doing ...

    so for my understand there is really no need to built more links to 301 redirects, sending them to some indexer service is enough no matter which one it might be.

    lets not forget that we are talking here about cheap and simple 301 redirects, sure then can only count if indexed but its still what it is, just a moved permantly redirect
  • gordgoodfellow 
    i just read their guide and they basially tell it a bit different, so just to clarify ... you understood it right.
    They are saying you should built your links to the 301 redirects and not to your money site, which supposed to give the layer of protection cause your site might not get penalized cause link building is to the 301 site. However i doubt google is so dumb not realizing the 301 just redirects to the money site, so personally i find it a thing theory, might be very well true thou
  • Interesting question, I was thinking the same.
    But very probably is like building only T1 links to a moneysite without pumping them power with other thousands of backlinks to give them more link juyce....

    So backlinking the 301 redirects it will give them more power for rankings than no backlinking.

    Anything all this system is a churn and burn method, so be carefully when you use it to an important moneysite
  • @deNiro72, if they 301 s never get indexed the only use could indeed be to use them as a redirection buffer, so you are absolutly sure they wont get indexed ....

    cause if so sending them to a indexer service witthin the program would be stupid?
  • But surely the 301 URLs will need to be indexed for anything to happen at all. Hence the need for a service like Linklicious.They may well drop away after time but they still need to be indexed otherwise they won't pass on any link juice to the money site. We can't help them dropping away but we need them to be indexed in the first place, surely.
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