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Some questions...

Hey! I want to buy this software but I didnt found any answers yet to my questions :///


First thing, I run software put my link to webstie and get 1500+k links yea?
I put them  into gsa search and add biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig amount of backlinks or just 100-200 per day? Or what???

And it will rank my site?

Or I can create backlinks to my site i mean tier1 + redirects to tier1 + tier2 + redirects to tier 2 + tier3 and redirects to tier 3 :_; ?

Could someone explain me how to rank good with those two programs ?


  • url redirect pro will output currently about 1600 redirects of varying sorts for each link you put into it.

    My links per minute on that program is about 90, you can do the maths.

    Does this all mean links, yes and no.

    Will it rank my website, no.

    It does however create url redirects like a pro and if that is what you are looking for, I highly recommend it.

    As for using redirects between tiers, sure you can do that :)
  • "Will it rank my website, no."
    But if Ibacklink those 301 redirects it will yea ?
  • edited September 2014
    It is too complicated a question to be simple yes or no, it is one element I am currently using of many.

    Will it help? probably, it really depends on so many factors.

    It's an amazing tool but I guess I just cant bring myself to just say for this (or any other tool) that buying it and running it will rank your website.

    Worst case scenario you can set up a fiverr gig running it till you paid off the investment :)

    Perhaps somone else can answer :)
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