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Can I rank 10 websites of same keyword from a same hosting account ?


These are sort of PBN but also I would need them to rank for a single keyword & with the very similar content, so can I use only one hosting account ? or I have to get 10 different IP's for them/10 different hosting/private server ?

single hosting account only has one IP address of it.

Would anybody please tell me what would be the cost effective & effective way to go after that ?


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    its possible I have ranked in the past several subdomains of one domain on same keyphrase but it was waste of time, why dont you pick different keyphrases and all of them rank 1 . Of course different ip is better but you should do it on same one too it all depends how competetive is keyphrase. I think there is another risk if your competitors will figure out its a same person behind all of them you can be sure they will be burned


  • I know you would have to reveal what you are up to and I assume you have a good reason but I can think of none for competing so hard against yourself? 

    As for ranking 10 domains for the same keyword on the same host / IP I have never tried it, my gut says no, but please post up if you prove that wrong.

    Could you not just use 1 site on that IP and use the other 9 domains as 301's?
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    @bestimtoolz   Thanks for the info 

    Why it was a waste of time ?

    Hmm I wouldn't say that there are competitors , no there are no competitors & Keywords are not that competitive rather I am facing some very well ranked & esteemed websites like DailyMail & another news sites...I have a client & I am doing reputation management for them, so I need to rank the websites for a particular person's name & Business.

    is there any restriction from Google using the same IP address for similar keywords, I know a thing that I will not be interlinking them I guess because I know It's doesn't seem fair to Google.

  • It doesn't sound like it can cause a problem, but I would try out with some testing sites before taking the risk.
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