How to post with different anchor texts to same blog list?

im trying to post to a blog list i have using the same domain but different anchor texts but it keeps saying "Link already present" which i assume means it isn't posting the new anchor text, how do i fix this?


  • SvenSven
    use scheduled posting option where it can post more than once to a site. However only for certain types/engines.
  • I already had that box checked, please see image, should i check anything else?

  • SvenSven
    And where did you want it to post again?
  • I'm doing blog comments, mostly General Blogs, but can't get the same link to post again with a different anchor text.

    Before I run a second blast I go to tools--> Delete URL cache / history but that doesn't seem to make a difference either.
  • SvenSven
    if the url is visible on the same page you try to post then it is not going to do this.
  • Can i put this in for a feature request or something as it seems to be a bit of a limitation.
  • SvenSven
    sorry no. I don't like to do things like that.
  • do things like what?
  • SvenSven
    spaming a site with the same content over and over again.
  • so you wont develop a feature because you don't like to do it, but it doesn't matter if its something your paying customers might like to do?
  • SvenSven
    Of course as Im not your slave and I don't own you anything. You bought the software with a one time fee. I might have thought about this when you pay per month. I also don't like how this "discussion" turns to. You don'T have to use the software, none forces you on anything. Go get lost please.
  • what cheery customer service
  • SvenSven
    what a jackass customer!
  • Yes I'm sure everyone reading this would think I'm such a jack ass. I put in a very reasonable feature request (being able to post to the same blog twice???) and you simply could have responded that you would look into it.

    Instead you basically said that because you don't want the feature you're not going to consider it. As a person that prides themselves on giving good customer service I pointed out that maybe your customers needs supersede your own needs. I'm certainly not the only person that would like to see a feature like this added and any other blog commenting software (scrapebox) allows you to do exactly this.

    Your response of belittling me and essentially talking shit is quite pathetic and you should really re think your approach to customers.
  • I am too interested this feature. Please consider adding this. :)

  • SvenSven
    edited September 2014

    this is funny. You don't seem to understand my point of view. I don't like this feature because sites would get spammed with the same link over and over again? Who would want such a feature? Just stupid spammers. Thats why I don't want and will never add it.

    If a link is already present, it is not posted again. Simple as that.  Accept it or use your ScrapeBox.

    And again, I don't own you anything. It's in the end me coding this software not you. If I would have added every feature request people think are good, it would be the worst program ever. Someone still has to control things. Thats what I do and not you!

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