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Contemplating license purchases - Low success rate with implementing new captcha

Posted in wrong area originally - sorry.

I'm contemplating purchasing a licence but have been using the trial version and SDK for a few days but I'm having a low success rate. ~18%

  Here is a dropbox link to 50 captcha already named that I've been working with. I read a few of the tutorials here and tried starting with Threshold 46% which seemed best and scale 200% then letting it brute force.  Download

I also created multiple processes and still seems terribly low. I understand some of the pictures are hard, however there are quite a few with no touching letters and clean up very well and still it fails. 

Looking through the captchas that are supported and being broken, there are lots far more complicated then this one.  

The other issue I am seeing is it will get a few right but will answer a lot of them incorrectly. Is there a way to reduce the incorrect answers? I'd rather it not answer then answer incorrectly. It answered 26/50 incorrectly.

Any advise would be greatly apprcieated 


  • SvenSven
    Trying to find something for this type. However don't expect magic on this one. 
  • Thanks Sven, not expecting magic. I was really thinking maybe it was something I was doing. The failed attempts is what was shocking to me. 

    Thanks again.
  • Hey Sven just checking back in, I was only able to decrease the incorrect answers by 1 of 50 and no improvement on the number of correctly answered ones. Did you have any better luck?

    Thanks again.
  • SvenSven
    got it to 16% only sorry.
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