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Zendesk Poster?

BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
Anyone have something they're using to post to Zendesk now?


  • donchinodonchino
    Bump! i'm interested in that as well
  • I've seen people use Zennoposter for this.

    You can ask someone on their forum to make a template, or do it yourself.

    It shouldn't cost more than $40.
  • How affective is Zennoposter, anyone have any reviews on it?
  • If the SER is like a heavy machine gun, Zennoposter is like a sniper rifle.

    It can easily post to the most difficult resources with Javascript protection and etc.

    It's basically a browser controller that works how you fine-tuned it.

    Comes with no templates (only a few samples), so you have to purchase templates from someone or write yourself.

    Google it. There are a lot of videos on Youtube with examples.
  • Definitely Zennoposter
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