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I know the solution to 'No target to post to'

I know the answer to this common issue, "No target to post to" even when there are enough lists of urls.
@Sven said that when a project couldn't post any in 5 minutes, it shows this message.
I gradually increased the number of projects and at a certain point I got these errors all around the projects.
I carefully checked what's wrong.

I had over 100 projects and it caused that a project couldn't post any in 5 minutes. 
Definitely the project is posting, but its turn is coming too slow due to so many projects.
I reduced the number of the projects and voila, no more 'no targets to post' message.

@Sven can solve this issue by extending the time criteria to 10 minutes or 15 minutes to make it sure.


  • Unforunately, after several hours, the messages showed again.
    And thus I have reduced the number of the projects more and am watching on what will happen.
    When the result comes out, I will comment here.
  • SvenSven
    i had a look on the can not be the cause f this problem. I see there is some issue for some people, though I was not able to locate the problem but this is not the cause as @RocketRide thought.
  • Any update on this?
  • I read somewhere where someone suggest "detect history" I think u should go delect ur history of that project

    Also you should tick "keep posting in same url" in the option section of each particular project
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