Importing potential target list to GSA. How to do it right ?

So i used Scrapebox to create a list of potential target URLS for GSA SER.

I created a project, selected platforms and then used "IMPORT TARGET URLS -> from file" and loaded the list i created with Scrapebox. 

I have 2 questions now.

1) I haven't selected any search engines because i the target list is directly going to be loaded from the file i scrapped with SB.

2) I have uncheckd "Use URLS from global site list" as well because i am not going to use the global site list as well.

Because i just want SER to try posting to the target list i created. 

Am i doing it wrong or am i missing something ??? 

Also i am getting "No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site list enabled, no scheduled posting)" messages in the project using my list. But the verified list is increasing still. This may be because there is no any target urls to post to be the SER is still doing the verification with the urls that were submitted.

Am i right ????? 


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    I cant completely understand your question, but the process you've walked through is correct. To guess, I would say you processed all your imported urls already. If you have a lot of failures, GSA tends to fly by those pretty quickly.

    Odds are your list simply had a very low success rate.
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