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Ability to add all external login and passwords/API in one place

It would be nice if we can have a single place in the Options where we can add and edit all external login ID and password / APIs. Something like
Start --> Option --> External Logins. (For spinners, captcha, indexing services, article builder big content search etc etc)

These should pre-populate in all projects, and we should be able to manually remove or change the details on case to case basis for each project (if required).


  • SvenSven
    logins like that are not per project but globally.
  • Noted with thanks. However if you can provide one location where all the login IDs can be stored and displayed it will be great. If it is already there, then can you please point me in that directions.

  • I meant to say that the login IDs and Pwd of Spinners, Article Builder, Big Content Search etc...also need to be on the Global Options
  • SvenSven
    hmm well I think it would only confuse people. You enter the accounts when you are on the screen when needing it (like spin tools).
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