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Awful quality of buyproxies! Any suggestion for a good quality provider?

Today 39 of my 50 buyproxies proxies were dead!
20 in the morning, 19 in the afternoon.

Yesterday they were 19...

So terrible quality of! When I was using US proxies they were not so bad, but the new european I'm using are really worst than shit! And I'm only using 5 thread per proxy as recomended, not more.

And it doesn't matter if their help service is one of the fastest of the web. I'd prefer to have good proxies and never lose time changing them, than opean a ticket, select the dead proxies, write a message, wait the (fast) answer, copy the new proxies.... Totally bad!

Don't mention than I always ask for european proxies, and they often send me mixed proxies US/EU....

Totally shit quality, I'm going to change.

I'm thinking to buy some from different providers, to test them and chose a good one.

I read about, anyone have a good provider (EU PROXIES) to suggest me?



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    hey,at least you could have provided us some info when making the tickets, you just pasted the bad ones for you without any other information, even if we asked... I see that you are keeping  your words to post it on this forum :d

    I'm still not convinced that is from us because they were passing, but if you say so, we will refund you can buy from a different provider and you can make a comparison and see who's fault is, ours, your servers or maybe are the aliens. 

    Anyway, you just want to make us a bad reputation, it won't work because we have a lot of users from this forums which can tell if are bad or not
  • peterperseo

    The reason i am answering this, is i have to clear one thing for most people here that i see always complain about, Most people dont have knownledge of how ips are different regardless US or Europe, the reason europe die quicker because the way its controlled, US seems to live longer also because of the same reason

    We sell our own proxies and we also have the same issue with europe regardless and i dont think any provider would be proud of europe its the fact... I admire all provider who stand behind their services and replace it for their clients such as buyproxies, eventhough we are competing with them, they still one of the best out there.

    Thats my opinion.
  • BuyProxies is definitely great, but I would like to throw in another recommendation as well: They are the only service I know who provide fully private proxies for just $1 each. I've been using 10 of them and I'm getting 45-50 LPM on my SER setup (with an identified list). On a verified list it should be higher.
  • I have to second InstantProxies, great product used them many times in the past and the price of $1--you can't beat it. Check out for very inexpensive proxies, around 80 cents/each. Either way you cant go wrong.
  • @buyproxiesorg
    I'm sorry to wrote here so bad words, usually I don't like do it but really yesterday I was tired of see my Ser working bad just for proxies issues. As I told you, yesterday 39 of my all 50 proxies were dead... and I always use only 5 threads per proxy, not more.

    You say now:"at least you could have provided us some info when making the tickets". Well, I tried to explain it on the last ticket I opened, this is a copy/paste of that ticket, you can check on your database ticket:
    "For today, other 19 proxies dead with google... THis morning they were 20 (today 39 of 50 in total!), yesterday they were 19.....", but the answer I got was this one "Hello, I'm replacing those with 192....... Have fun with them".

    My fun yesterday was already finished.
    Sometime I think your answers are made by robot, they are so fast but also all identics. Anyway only now I see another answer from a Super Admin staff of 25 minutes later. I see it just now, yesterday I just closed the buyproxies page after to get the last proxies and the "have fun" wishes....

    Anyway your proposal of go back with US proxies doesn't fit me. US proxies are better because thay stay longer alive, but for an EU-dedi they are slower. In the past I was happy with my canadian VPS and US proxies, but when I got problem with VPS, my provider @solidseovps told me EU dedi/vps are much more better than US vps, so I changed but now the same person say that EU proxies are worst than US.... It's something like "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" eh eh! My changing continents won't never end :D

    What more can I say @buyproxiesorg ? I think you agree that 78% of dead proxies in one single day is not a good result, I thank you for your free month you offered me, but now I will go testing other providers of EU proxies, private and not shared like before. 

    The worst thing of all, is that I'm spending all my days losing time on improving the performance and quality of SER, testing new providers, opening ticket, buying lists, and not doing SEO and new websites anymore.... :(
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    "@buyproxiesorg ? I think you agree that 78% of dead proxies in one single day is not a good result, I thank you for your free month you offered me, but now I will go testing other providers of EU proxies, private and not shared like before.  "

    we agree, but we don't know the cause. You can trust me when I say that if we had 78% with all the clients, we here already history

     The free month was offered as a gift from us (you can confirm that it was offer it before you made this post because you got that on your email) as a compensation and to help us to debug the issue because you didn't provided any details.

    "Sometime I think your answers are made by robot, they are so fast but also all identics"
    Because you requestd replacements, is hard to write different things when you asking for a replacement, we don't lose the time with complicated salutations and stuff
    Yes , somethings we work as robots. Do you think this is a robot too because I've answered in a few minutes, please put us to fill some captchas so I can prove my humanity :))

  • I don't know about you guys but I have been using @buyproxies for more than a year and never had to replace a single proxy.. they are the best and that's why I always recommend them to others
  • Vijayaraj  thanks . we still think that is an issue on his settings because we have changed hundred of proxies and the results were the same (all the proxies were passing our results, we always test the proxies before we deliver). We can admit that a few proxies could have issues but not a few hundred 

    Anyway, I hope that is a constructive post and everybody from this forum will learn something from it 

    peterperseo  I'm sorry too if I was too mean, but it was because we felt innocent. Anyway, no hard fellings, you still have the free month 
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    @ peterperseo

    We adivsed you when you bought your dedicated to europe because you had a limited budget and you didnt and couldnt pay more and we did worked with you to make you get a dedicated

    So you are referring to two different topic here, I also dont think we need to change our words here since as you see its two different topics you are mixing
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
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    I have used them also for a long time and never had the problems, once I feel my LPM goes down I asked for replace whole package ,they always do it immediately, and my LPm increased again, buyproxiesorg is one of the best proxy provider I ever tested and a lot of people here can confirm that. It`s normal after some period of time target sites admins will ban some of the IP`s and therefore we all notice lowering LPM, once it happens it is time to replace them. You will never find a proxy provider who will guarantee you if you will blast xxx,xxxx,xxx links a day with 50-100 proxies all the same target sites over and over again they will not block those IP after short period of time, it`s impossible, no matter what proxies you use. 
  • @Vijayaraj
    When I was using US proxies I thought the same (and I also suggested them to other friends). Try their EU proxies and later come here again... ;-)

    The meaning of the 2 topics was: as some expert people suggested me here on the forum, if I use EU vps/dedi I have to use EU proxies. If I use US VPS/Dedi I have to use US proxies. SO if I stayed with North American VPS I could use the US proxies that you are suggesting me. But it doesn't work when you suggest me to use EU dedi and US proxies. Just that.

    same for you. When you talk about buyproxiesorg, you have to clarify if you are talking of US proxies or EU proxies. About US proxies, I agree with you, with Vijayaraj and also buyproxies admin. Not the same for EU

    Update: today 5 proxies of 50 (so 10%) are not working with google....  :((
  • @ bestimtoolz , it is true ; I also use their service for a long time, my proxies are working good , but I do not abuse them , when google bans them , they replace them so fast , I never believe that somebody can have such a support . <3 buyproxies .
  • You say your proxies are not working with google.... Are you scraping google?
  • @Brumnick
    Not, I'm only using lists, I said that because when I test them using SER, I use the first option Test Proxies > All > Against Google (Search)  or also the second Google (PR)
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    For Google I only using public proxies cos private ones are getting banned fast if you have as many projects as I have, for submissions only private/semi private,  it gives me best results
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    Okay, that may be part of your problem then.

    You want to see if your proxies are alive, not banned by a search engine... If you are using proxies just to post then they just need to be alive. It is of no consequence to you if they are not working on a google test (unless you are using them for PR checking. If you are STOP now)

    You also have more chance of proxies dieing if they are semi dedicated as you have absolutely no control over other users who may be caning them. Get less dedicated and you will have better results...

    Personally I will test against anonymous url because I don't care if I am banned on a search engine, all I need to do is post, so I check to see if tehy are 'alive'.  If they don't pass after twice checking this test, I then test against bing... If they still don't pass they get sent back. Keep an eye on timeout setting too... Overloaded proxies need more time to respond.

    For me, buyproxies are far and away the best proxies I have used and I have tried all the competition.  I may get a couple die over the course of a month but a short message and I get replacements almost instantly.
  • @Brumnick
    I just tested my proxies against anonymous url and.... all are alive!! :-O

    Me too I was thinking to change from shared proxies to dedicated, actually now I will test only dedicated proxies from some providers, not more shared proxies.

    What do you mean with "STOP PR Checking" ? Where this setting is? Thanks
  • You say many of the proxies are dead. Were you checking them against Google?

    Try to check them against other websites in SER. It might work.

    Generally, don't use private proxies for Google, even in SER. Use public proxies (try to use a proxy scraper like No Hands Proxies) or use port-scanned proxies (service by proxygo on BHW). Use SB or Gscraper for scraping. Don't allow SER to scrape - it isn't efficient at all.
  • yep, you have been doing the wrong test. :-)

    Don't use SER to check PR, it will burn your proxies.  If you are bothered about checking PR you need to do that in GScraper or Scrapebox before you import your list.. (for the sake of youru proxies)
  • @Brumnick
    Yes, but you mean the tickbox "PR checking" on the global Options of SER?
    Other people of the forum say to leave this box checked... or maybe if I ONLY use list and no scraping, I can uncheck that  box.... I don't know.
    Yes or not? :-?
  • It depends if you are concerned about PR. Personally, I have all that dealt with by the time the list hits SER but that is just me.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Don't check PR, check proxies with anonymous URL and you'll be good to go. I've been using @buyproxiesorg for a long time and they're the best. I've probably used 10 proxies providers in the last couple of years.

    If you want to scrape, there are better programs than SER, I would get one designed to scrape.
  • Well, after what I learnt from @Brumnick @Brandon and @Monie, I have to admit that I was doing the wrong test of the proxies. I also had a setting (check PR) that probably was blocking my proxies by google, anyway I can survive without checking PR and now all the @buyproxiesorg are working well!

    So probably all the (hundreds) of proxies I asked them to replace me in the last 9 months were just... alive! (Anyway the first 5 months I was only scraping).

    For @buyproxiesorg, I give you my public apologies for all this thread, I was testing your proxies in the wrong way. They were blocked by Google but that it's not important for how I use them (only LIST and not scraping). Though it maybe can be a problem for people who only scrape... I don't know.

    You can also cancel the free month you gave me, as your proxies were not dead, I don't have the right to use it.

    Maybe @Sven should write somthing like "for LIST users" on Test Proxies > Against Anonymous (for LIST users), so other people can know the right way to test proxies when using only LISTs and not waste bad words agains proxy providers :D

    That's all, probably my next step is use only dedicated proxies, but before I will test, test, test :)

    Thanks so much to the people that solved my problem and teached me the right way to test proxies.
    Have everybody of this forum a wonderful day!
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