"No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines)" with exclamation mark

I was running a campaign and I notice it is now showing an exclamation mark icon right next to it with an error saying "No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines)" . I did some reading on this forum and it said that if the keywords are changed around, it should solve the problem. I changed the keywords and the error still appears to be there. I am not using proxies but rather a VPN ( not sure if that is the issue). I had changed the IP of my VPN to one that I did not use before and it did not appear to help. Can anyone clarify what this means and what to do about it the correct way?


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    I'm sort of running into the same problem but .. I'm making progress.

    1.  Are you using Public or Private proxies?
    2.  Are you using a few niche keywords or several thousands?
    3.  Are you really locking down the quality of where you post and what PR and languages you will post to?
    4.  Are you using a lot of search engines to find URLs or just a few?
    5.  Have you used Scrapebox or something similar to out and find URLs to import and let GSA import and identify?

    In my case I had too few keywords at first (very niche specific).  My PR was set to 3+.  I am using English only search engines.  And the latest fiasco was that I checked skip sites in this language and selected ALL of them which included English!  No wonder I only have a few verified links.  Probably the sites GSA did post to, it couldn't identify the language for certain.

    As I'm taking off some of those type of mistakes, I am waiting for the project to go Active again and see if it picks up more sites.

    In the meantime, I am using Scrapebox, with some generic keywords to use footprints to get sites... and then I import them into GSA.

    Yesterday I had 587 Identified sites (Global list that any project can pull from if you set it up that way).
    Today I have 8756 Identified sites (GSA must be searching and I have imported a few thousands over the last few hours)

    I think I'm on the right track.

    Maybe some of these things will give you ideas to really dig into the problem project and verify those settings.
  • MDA, i'm glad your making progress. And to answer the questions...

    1. I am not using any proxies, I am using a VPN.

    2. I am using about 8 keywords.

    3. I selected "all" the options on where to submit to.

    4. I am using all search engines.

    5. I have scrapebox, but I am not sure what you mean by using the url's from scrapebox. Which URL's?

    I am trying to get good at this software as it looks really good so with the help of this community I will learn the best I can. :)
  • I am using a VPN but even a VPN only has one IP unless you paid for more.  Hence, proxies will help keep that VPN from getting banned if you really go nuts with this software.  I bought a 10 pack semi-dedicated proxy package and it's worked wonderful thus far.  But I am pretty low key compared to some. 

    I have about 306,000 keywords in one project.  Before that I had maybe 32?  I was always getting the error you seem to get.  If you only input so many keywords and then tell GSA to only use those keywords, it will run out of targets pretty fast.

    You might try using Google Adwords to go scout more keywords if you really want to keep it niche related.

    I use Scrapebox to go find other potential platforms that GSA can post to.  GSA does it's own searching but Scrapebox or something similar can gather up a big list that you can use.  There's a ton of YouTube videos on the subject.  Then you import that list and GSA will identify and see if it might be able to make a post to that platform.  It's faster than letting GSA search.  But I am not an expert either in this area.

    Not sure what to expect myself.  I have an open thread because even with 306k keywords, I'm not seeing a ton of links being built.  Then again, I did tighten up where it can post to and what type of criteria needs to be meet which really does limit the platform.
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