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limit threads per project mask.

edited September 2014 in Feature Requests
Hi Sven, I'd like to suggest a feature that allow to limit threads number based on project mask. It is best to explain on example.

Let's suppose I have 10 projects, 5 for Contextual Links, 5 for all other links.
I know that SER can go with much more threads with contextual targets alone, due to their relatively low size (compared to blog comment and such engines).
Now I want to set 800 threads (for example) for contextual projects, and only 200 for other projects. I added to my contextual projects some aditional suffix like "Contextual" beforehand. Now I go into Options and put this mask in the field and choose to limit this to 800 threads, while for "Other" mask I choose 200. Default Option for threads becomes greyed out. If I just fire 1000 threads, SER may hit too much "fat" targets and soon thread count drop (or OOM) follows.

The reason for this is that user who knows which links can work with larger threads can balance his SER load better.


  • SvenSven
    requested before, rejected before...sorry this is not going to work on how things are coded right now.
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