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Weird problem

I'm stared to get some weird problem. 
Basically after some time of running SER I'm starting to get Request timed out and ping time is up. 
Not sure what can cause this...

Problem is not with connection that is sure. I'm thinking about network card.
Any suggestions ?


  • SvenSven
    Try lowering the thread number. Also check if your browser acts the same when this happens. IF thats the cse, then your touter is the problem which can not handle many open ports.
  • @Sven not sure i understood what you mean that i should check browser...

    But Point is that i have a PC where only SER and CB is running and everything went fine till some days ago when SER started to kill ping... 

    It happens like that I restart network card and then SER runs fine like 20 min then ping is up like time=200 then after another 20 min time=1000 and I'm starting to lost packets at all... = request timed out. 

    Nothing is reconnected nothing is changed between worked fine ----- not working....

    So my question is - if there is possible something changed in any from latest SER update what could cause such problem ? 
    If not then I will try to change my network card...

  • SvenSven
    no, nothing changed in SER that could have caused this. It's your router I think.
  • @Sven I do not have any router. I'm connected directly with cable to Optical modem...
  • SvenSven
    thats router/modem whatsoever.
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