duplicate verified URLs will no longer been sent to Indexers

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Can you expand on this a bit?

Does this mean that if we have 2 different projects, and each places a link on the same URL, the URL will only be sent to the indexer (e.g.GSA Indexer) once? Won't this cause a problem in that any future links placed on the URL won't be added to the indexer at a later date?

Or , does this mean that if we duplicate a single project, so that it is now 5 projects, but each uses the same URL and anchor text, it'll only send 1 instance of the verified link to the indexer, even if it's found in the multiple projects, as they are all pointing to the same URL?

Or something different entirely?


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    It simply means that one unique URL with sublink will not be sent to indexing services if it was send before. No matter what project created a link on that URL.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - so if you use a global list and it sent the link on one of the projects 6 months ago, it will NOT resend that link even if it is on a different project now, 6 months later? 
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Naw, thats just for the last 500 URLs sent. Everything else makes no sense.
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