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++Roy's BRAND-NEW Churn and Burn Methods!++ Rankings in ULTRA HIGH competitive terms!

royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
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Hey guys!

So I left SEO 3 weeks ago and before leaving I ran into some "techniques" and decided to give them a shot.

2 weeks later I discovered how powerful they are as my sites hit page 1 in about that timeframe. Awesomely enough, I discovered that these techniques were also used in VERY TOUGH niches. Seriously I couldn't believe I got to know these techniques and how powerful they are.

Then I decided to search about them in forums like BHW, WF, CPAE, Wicked Fire and to my surprise none of these forums had any information about it! It was like I hit a goldmine or something!

I think that these techniques are going to be very powerful SEO tools for everyone who use them so I decided I will be sharing them with a limited number of people. Problem is that if I do it without charging, they would be saturated in a week or so. (Look at what happened at PBNs :p )

Now, as proof tht this is working and will continue to work, in the PDF I added some pics of how people are ranking in ultra high competition keywords with them.

This is NOT about:

 > PBNs (nor for links or as money sites)
 > Web2.0s (nor for links or as money sites)
 > 301s (not as powerful as these techniques)
 > Social Media (IMHO doesn't work for serp movement)
 > GSA SER Blasts (in the past they worked like a charm but now is more about contextual links)

I decided to share them for 2 reasons only:

 > Make money
 > Help other SEOs get above the curve as currently everyone is on PBNs

This is for people that:

> Want to rank ultra fast
 > Want to rank in ultra high competitive niches without any trouble
 > Rank higher current money sites

Ok ok I know, no one can guarantee anything in SEO, right? Well, I'm not giving any guarantee except showing these techniques. Though, I can prove that what I found is working at this very moment (As of September 10th 2014) in VERY tough niches.

In my history as a seller, I have only had 1 refund in my gsa ser lists so far because "it didn't work for him". With that being said, if I was a scammer nobody would be buying from me and I would have been marked as a scammer long time ago.

Getting back on track, there are only 100 spots for this. That's right, only 100 people will have access to this information. Once the 100 spots are taken, the doors will be closed.

Inside the PDF you will find:
 > The 2 techniques explained
 > How to start right away
 > Proof of how it's working right now in very touch niches
 > Not really in the PDF, but you will have the fastest support!

Only 100 spots are available at $47 each!
Don't wait more and get yours now!

So, what will you get?

Shortly after making the payment, you will have access to:
 > A webinar I'm hosting in September 20th (Saturday) and its replay
 > Access to the PDF Guide with live proof of rankings
 > Live case studies of sites I will rank
 > Ultra fast support. If i'm online, you can expect a reply in minutes!
 > (Optional) Being an email subscriber will get you discounts from my services!

So, what are you waiting for?
Get your copy right now before all spots are taken!

Refund Policy

As you will have access to information, I won't give any refunds. You will get the PDF, access to the case studies and the webinar I will host.

Seriously, if this was all BS, I would have probably been known as a scammer, which I am not.


I will be here guiding and helping all the buyers as I have been doing it with all my services. You can expect a really fast response, though Maximum you can expect 48 hours response time.

Delivery Time

To keep things secure, I will deliver all orders manually. I will send your order to your paypal email as soon as I get it. I am striving for a delivery time of less than 12 hours but at maximum I will deliver within 48 hours after order being made.


You can contact me at:
Skpe: omegapiratejoe
BHW: royserpa
GSA Forum: royserpa


  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
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    Hey guys,

    I will host a live webinar next Saturday September 20th about these techniques and how they are working RIGHT now!

    Spots are only for buying members, so get yours now!

    I left SEO some weeks ago, but right now I see true potential on it again and I'm sharing it with you guys!

    Here's one pic of rankings for one of my sites that was in page 2:


    I started using serpfox some days ago as it was free though for the coming keywords I will post all the graphs!
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    Instead of selling this "method" why not rank your own websites in high comp niches and make more money than you would make selling it?

    I never understood this mentality.. If its too good to be know the rest.

    And using screenshots doesn't prove anything, for all we know you could have done SEO on it prior to ranking screenshot.

    Only way to verify it would be to share it privately to potenetial buyers.
  • kinda agree with j1387

    Can you give some details about your keywords search volume and CPC?
    I think nobody is interested in paying a lot for your guide and get ranked for some very easy keywords.

  • @j1387, are u tired of reading WSO  :))
  • @redfoxseo we are all tired of reading WSO
  • i do respect you as a member on BHW , but even you know this thread would be laughed off there.

    you should atleast shown some screenshots with serps rising in short time , what you have shown is a straight line.

    or some review copies to big members over here.
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    Hey guys, i totally understand this seems like total bullcrap. After all, its hard for someone to sell gold lol (seo wise).

    Anyway guys, this is what's happening these coming days, I will give review copies to a few members here. I will let you know guys whwnever the review copies are sent for the reviews to come in. :)

    You can bet this will be great!
  • If you are giving review copies I would be interested....I don't mind paying if I know it is worth it! Only thing is that with the information you have given it really does sound like another WSO. I think most of us were done with those a long long time ago!
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Just got my review copy from Roy, some real great information in the PDF for sure. Some stuff I never even though of. Going to try some of the methods and see how it goes.

    Real nice work.

    Good luck with your sales Roy.
  • Is your pdf about ranking my own hosted sites or its about using 3rd party sites like web 2.0. videos to rank?

    If i implement your method, can i rank my own domain?
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>

    Well here are some stats of the ranked kw:

    # of searches: 9,900
    Competition: medium
    CTC: $0.01 (its a ppd niche site)


    Thanks for your great review pal! :)

    Let's see how it goes!


    It works for both, 3rd party sites and sites you own. I ranked my own domain and a 3rd party site so I'm sure it has potential.
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    I'm interested in reviewing it. Are you offering review copies?



    YV - Miami

  • Review:-

    there were 3 methods in the ebook , all completely new to me and I have done a lot of reading . The first method itself should help you recover the cost. 2nd method is good for ranking in extremely competitive niches .

    my recommendation is to implement these methods immediately and reap the benefits.

    I am myself staring to work on these methods as they seem pretty interesting.

  • @royserpa I'll take a review copy if there are any left?

  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    @davbel @miami Sorry guys, there are no more review copies :/

    @DonCorleone Thanks for the review man! As i say, this is not some random crap pdf like it is sold by several "gurus". This is not a wso and you will get A TON of value out of this. $197 is cheap by what this pdf guide can make you, thats for sure.


    NEW Guarantee

    As @miami said, if i was to give a guarantee everyone wouod be better. So lets do it!

    The guarantee that I give ALL my buyers is that of working with them UNTIL it works for them.

    This offer applies for all 100 spots.

    After buying your pdf guide access, webinar and live case studies, we can schedule a time where we can work on your stuff to make it work for you. For $197 you will get extreme value out of it!

    The guarantee that I give you guys is that I WILL work with you until you make it with these techniques!

    There are only 100 spots guys, be sure to take one!


    Another thing, guys is that there are no more review copies.

    Please dont pm me to send one as there are no more guys.
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    Just reviewing your last comment.

    Please define your guarantee of: "works for them"

    Do you mean by that "until we get to google first page" on a competitive term or what else are we supposed to understand by "works for them"?





  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    @miami Before definning "what works for them", you have to understand what I do.

    Im here to teach you the techniques. Once you get to know them, its up to you to work with them in your sites.

    I do NOT rank your sites, but i teach you the techniques and its up to you to make them work.

    So by "works for them", im referring to the time where you understand them and how you can apply them.

    Its up to you to make it work for your site.

    Regarding serps, I can only say it works wonders and its working in very tough niches.

    Hope that explains throughly my work here and what's the customers'.

    Let me know guys if you need to know anything else!
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    Is your keyword english and do you rank on

  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    @ewandy yes its english keyword and yes
  • goonergooner
    I was lucky enough to receive a review copy, thanks @royserpa for inviting me.
    Here's some info for you guys:

    The PDF contains 3 techniques. At least 2 of those techniques are being used right now to rank in some of the most competitive niches - I've come across them while doing my own research.

    They are churn and burn type methods so people should be aware of that. Of the 2 methods i mentioned, one of them requires some technical skills and the other requires a little cash to play with. This stuff is not push button easy, be aware of that too.

    My concern with this product was that there was not enough step-by-step kind of info to help people get started. I told that to @royserpa and as he says above; he is guaranteeing to show people exactly how to use the methods.

    If that's the case then i'm happy to recommend. As i said before 2 of these methods i know people are using right now to rank for crazy competitive niches.
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    Well that isn't too much for method that is working but my question is related to gooner reply:

    1. It isn't exactly step by step method, but seller promise that he will guide all 100 buyers until they make success. But this is question 100 buyers if he dedicate just one hour for just one of us in a week that is 100h week. Is that possible. And he is from Mexico and when he is awake most of us just sleep. And his online presence is questionable if I look at his skype online status.
    Also he wrote up: "I am striving for a delivery time of less than 12 hours but at maximum I will deliver within 48 hours after order being made." How he can guide all 100 buyers with this time of delivery.
    2. It is hard to decide without proof, any proof of this method actually working. Just take one keyword and rank it and let us see your position after some time and u will make your 100 sales in  a week. If you can teach us to rank, then rank and show us.
    3. Nowhere in sales tread he didn't wrote that u need a little bit money to invest, and just a hint what kind of technical skills u have to have to make this thing work.
  • goonergooner
    @DexterLab and @filescape - I know for a fact that 2 of the methods are used to rank in tough niches, because i have seen them myself before i ever saw this guide. The 3rd i haven't seen personally but i do know it's being sold in another guide which costs almost $200 for that one method alone.

    With regards money to invest, that is just one of the methods and will require about $60 - 100 in order to buy a couple of decent domains. The other 2 can be done for free.

    As for all the other questions, @royserpa will have to answer those for you. It's difficult for me to give a full review because i have only seen the PDF - Which is not the full extent of the training.
  • Is it in that PDF guide given a source where to buy those domains?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    You're potential for profit is $20k. Highly competitive niches can earn that in a day. If your churn and burn method can keep a site ranking for only a week you could make $30k+ in that week alone. Why would you take the time and energy to sell this for $200 each and deal with 100 customers if it really did work?
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>

    Thanks for your review, pal! :)

    As I state in the OP, these techniques are working in very tough niches and I'm working in a site I created about 2 weeks ago.


    (The pic is from my site in a ~800k searches kw)


    If it can rank in very tough niches, you can earn a lot more than $197


    1. Don't worry about support bro, I got software that will allow to solve problems faster for everyone ;) I can group buyers in different "groups" to solve everyone's problems, which usually are the same ones. I'm in BHW as well (royserpa) so you can see how active I am in forums and Skype. These last weekend until yesterday, there were holidays down here (Independence Day in Mexico) so I haven't been as active as in the past week. THough today, I'm again at full throttle.

    2. That's exactly what I plan to do. In the coming 2 weeks I will set up a new site in a tough niche and I will give you the live serpbook link for you to follow the ranking process LIVE. I will do live case studies of the links in motion for the buyers (with all details explained). For the site I will rank and show in this thread, all details will only be shown to the buyers and serps movement with the serpbook link will only be shown to the non-buyers.

    Above is a graph of the site I started about 2 weeks ago (I started tracking Sept 2nd but I built the site the week before that) and its going steady.

    3. That's correct, I never mentioned you need money to invest further as that's your choice. Though that's your choice, you may work in a current money site or just spend money in creating a new one. Spending money is your choice, though for implementing the techniques, there's no need to spend any further.


    As I stated above bro, there's really no need to spend money if you have domains at hand. In my opinion, there's nothing to invest further once you learn the techniques, but that's just my opinion.


    As there's no need to spend further, I didn't give a source to buy domains.


    As I state in the OP, I'm doing this for 2 reasons:

    > Make money
    > And help people learn these techniques to increase their overall SEO power/knowledge

    At the moment I'm working with 2 sites in very tough niches and the screenshot I posted at the top of this reply, it's the serp movement of one of the sites.

    Once I hit page 1, I'm dead sure I'll be earning money, but showing this to other guys in exchange for money, it's what it's all about. After all, it's a great opportunity for both parties as one learns something and the other gets money in exchange.


    Ok guys, so in the couple weeks ahead, I'm going to make a new money site targetting a medium-high competition term using these techniques.

    As soon as I have the money site ready to roll, I'll post here the serpbook link where you will be able to see LIVE the serp movements and how it works wonders!

    So stay tuned for more as things are just getting started!
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    Hey guys!

    There are 96 spots left!

    The webinar is coming this Saturday September 20th!

    I will show you LIVE how these techniques are working!

    Get your spot now and be part of this fascinating webinar!

    >>Get your spot here!<<

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    What the HELL ! This is perhaps the shittiest ebook i have come across . $197 FOR JUNK?

    Method 1 : *removed*

    Method 2 : *removed*

    Methods 3 : *removed*

    I really dont care if i am crashing this thread or his sales .This noob is selling public outdated info for a couple of hundreds .I am amused at how the mods , damn even @gooner let this pass.

    This isnt WAFO clowns.

    download here and check it out yourselves .

  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    edited September 2014

    Yea, probably im selling shit and thats why:

    > I can rank my sites with this
    > Others are ranking in very tough niches

    Not sure what your problem is but you can't even talk with your real account and some newly created account...
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    @roythefag my suspicions were right about this.

    I can't believe he is asking currency in exchange for this lol. If your doing blackhat you know these 3 methods already.

    To make matters worse "reputable" members actually vouched for this @gooner @DonCorleone @Trevor_Bandura it's a shame.
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