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Moving wordpress sites

Can anyone recommend a simple plugin to move a wordpress site between hosts. I'm restructuring my hosting and have a lot of sites to move - and really need the simplest solution available.
Have tried Managewp - but ran into problems. Also had some issues with Duplicator and WP Clone.

Anyone using a simple, reliable method for doing this?



  • @flowerbaron I use wpclone and it works fine
  • easypeasyeasypeasy

    no need to use additional tools.

    just download the whole site, do a database export with phpmyadmin of all wp_ (or whatever you named them) tables + all tables created by plugins. then upload everything to your new host and import the database export. done.

    if you are changing domains too you will have to search+replace the database backup and search for the old domainname and replace it with the new one.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited September 2014
    In addition to the above, you're probably going to want to edit the wp-config file to match the new database credentials after you upload the wp files to the new server and import the database.....

    Out of all of the plugins mentioned 'duplicator' is IMO the best, but it tends to struggle with larger or more complicated sites, and often wont work if the hosting company have their servers set up a certain way.

    I think the plugins you've mentioned are the main ones that people use, so if none of them work for you, then you'll probably just need to do it manually.

  • easypeasyeasypeasy
    yes, I forgot to mention that. of course you will have to enter the new database details to wp-config.php. =)
  • thanks @easypeasy @2Take2 @Vijayaraj for your suggestions.
    I didn't want to do anything 'manually' like editing files and DB etc.

    I have persevered with ManageWP and with the help of their very good suppot team ironed out the initial problems.
    I backup the site with ManageWp - save backup file - install new Wordpress installation on new host - change DNS - then upload backup file to new site and unpack in ManageWp - works very well.

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