Need Clarification on Anchor text / Sec / Partial While Distributing %

Hello All, 
As the title says Got few query on that and here we go...

Suppose I want to rank for [ Anchor Text ] - xyz ---- So here how should be the Percentage to be calculated.... Say I need my anchor text should be 20%

PArtial match set to 25%  
Secondary -             25% 
Branding -               10%
LSi - 
Generic -                 10%
Domain as Anchor -  10%
Anchor text variation

So I Need to Distribute the % in this way or am doing it wrong?


  • Hello Guys one Question Not Solved and here is my Other one in a Que...

    What It means description 450? All i wana know isit 450 Caracters or 450 words...
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