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Recursive mode suggestions?


I was running Recursive mode X2... wow!! A lot (but really a lot) of links!!

@Sven did you recommend x1 or x2 modes or in which circumnstances did you recommend each one?

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven

    Hmm hard to say...I don't know what is good and what not. I added it because some customers requested it. You get a lot shorteners by default without recursive mode but for some it was not enough.

    To be honest Im just a coder coding what the SEO community needs. My knowlage about SEO is and always was limited.

  • Ok, now im runnign several tests with each mode. With no recursive mode, with x1 rcursive mode and with x2 mode.
    Lets see which ones gives best results for me and my specific kind of sites (spunned sites directed to people 30+ years old, not adult content at all, just topics not for teens like diabetes, caribbean cruises, texas real estate, etc)
    I dont want "cheap" visitors that comes to see pictures of teen idols (i've done it once, have a big succes in traffic but its nor for me), games, funny videos, etc. I like topics for people with a Credit Card, ready to spend some money in something.
    So my results will be for my specific type of sites and topics.

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