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Remove Homepage Links From Profiles and Other Similar Platforms (Very Important)

edited September 2014 in Feature Requests
Hi @Sven, I did some testing a few weeks ago which shows that google no longer accepts 2 anchors from one page (they haven't for some time now), for example: - Buy Blue Apples (which is the anchors)

If these 2 links exist on the same page, google will only select one of them and completely ignore the other.This is bad if you're trying to optimize for the anchor text "buy blue apples" for example because if the naked url shows up before the anchor text link, google will most likely take the naked url because it appeared first.

If you check your PM, I sent you a demo link. The reason I did not post it here is due to the fact that it's displaying my money site.

How did I come up with this conclusion?

I have 1 of my sites verified in WMT, I then added 2 links with different anchor text on my PBN site, I waited a few weeks and then checked WMT to see if google detected the links I placed, WMT only showed 1 out of the 2 links/anchors that was on the same page. The other link/anchor was discounted. I've tried this experiment 3 times and I have gotten the same result each time.

If you could train SER to post only 1 link on contextual platforms (for example: some contextual profiles allow you to put your homepage link and SER seems to automatically put a link in that field) and simply have ser ignore the homepage field (if SER knows it can successfully post a contextual link) this will fix this issue and people should notice a greater impact on their link building efforts.


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