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I buy the tool and will start testing it, i will post here the results


I build this tool because i trust in GSA tools so much.
Im starting some tests.
All with sites created with content from my own coded "Insane Article Generator".
Some sites was created the monday and today (next sunday) are already 100% indexed by Google and getting some traffic.
One are a WP Blog, with the content created by my software. Other are a simple p'lain content created in 200 html pages with a simple php index that show all the pages in that subdomain (all with spunned content), and im creating right now a 200 pages site, in a subdomain and will run this tool.

All with 2X recursive mode and using the GSA SEO indexer.

I will be following the results each day, if i notice something i will post it here.

Wish me good luck!! :)


  • SvenSven
    good luck :)
  • I was running with recursive mode but its too much!!!

    Now im filtering more, doing x1 recursice mode and only with keywords included.

    Lets see.

    This tool looks nice and its cheap!!
  • I stopped the x2 recursive mode, and it was on the link 58k!!!

    I will need another VPS just to run this? he he

  • I triend with x2 recursive mode, with filters, and now it gives me 4,500 links, pretty nice!!
    It was speed, without problems.

    @Sven thanks!!

    So far i feel comfortable with the concept, and the software. 

    I will conitnue posting in some days when i have news!.

  • This morning i went to my site to checvk the stats and my site was outline because it reached its bandwith limit. Looks like Google and other search engines have being very actives visiting the site.

  • Thanks for information man, keeping posting, so we can have a better ideia what the software results is about.

  • Any updates?
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    Waiting for updates as well?
  • I am using GSA Redirect Pro from its release date and it's a good piece of software. I am using 1x recursive mode with only PR>1 domains, only 301 redirects with keywords. After that I add the output in GSA SER and blast it with some junk domains with PR>0. Got some great results with a new test website...
  • edited January 2015
    @georgikz5 it was an easy keyword to rank or difficult?
    @yenerich Did you get good results?
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