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Delete account data not working?

I noticed that my tier projects started to produce less and less links in time. I duplicated one project to create a test project. I chose only data and options. The test projects created links like crazy. 

I then went back to one of my tier projects and checked the "allow posting on same site again" under scheduled posting and increased the number of accounts per url to a high number. Now that project started to spit out links again. 

Now. On all of my tier projects I always clear url cache, url history, as well as created accounts data before every new round of my list. This action doesn't seem to clear the account history as the program still refuses to create new accounts. And I would prefer not to use the scheduled posting settings.

Any input would be great.


  • SvenSven
    well deleting account data is not really recommended as it delets all accounts, even those being involved in verified urls.
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