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SEO Content Machine 4 - *Updated*

Create content specifically for GSA SER

Full integration (

  • Find and create content for any keyword!
  • Creates content in any language (polish/spanish/french…)
  • Seamless integration with WordAi, SpinRewriter, TBS etc
  • Blog Manager. Manage your own WordPress + Blogger network right inside SCM.


No Credit Card. No Payment Details Required.
I made it as easy as possible to start generating content for your campaigns.

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  • great  work. seems to be way better than scm3 & KM
  • Thanks!.

    BTW i'm updating the GSA SER templates, it will work more like it did in version 3 -> One click auto-fill.

    With the option of articles only.

    I am testing these changes and will update SCM soon.
  • Love the new look!
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    edited September 2014
    @scm just a quick question, the 30% discount on the website is that a one off or continuous monthly discount?
  • its recurring for each month.
  • There's no lifetime option now, right?  :(
  • @scm
    today I updated my SCM, but now everytime I open SCM I always see the old version and I have to click on update if I want to use the new 4.

    Is that  a bug?
  • scmscm
    edited September 2014
    SCM v4 is installed side by side to SCM v3.

    Most likely you are clicking on the desktop link to the old version and not the new one.


    Lifetimes have been removed, they might come back for special offers etc.

    If you want a lifetime however email me info [at]
  • @scm
    Ah ok. Well, anyway I had to search the installation folder, find the exe and make a shortcut on my desktop. Now it's ok, but usually all these steps should been automated with an update (or at least, making a new desktop icone).
    Thanks for the reply!
  • Ehm.... ok, sorry... The right new icone was already on my desktop...  :D 
    I just found it!

  • Yes, the install should have put a version 4 icon on the desktop for you :)
  • Getting problems when I started to use the SCM 4. I opened ticket and I also left a message on the forum...
    While I wait replies, I keep using the version 3 that it seems works better....
  • Ok am investigating. I see the email.
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